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Young Warriors Making Music Live 2017
Applications close 16 March
Young Warriors is a program with the aim of getting young people involved recreationally in making music. It’s a ten-week program providing aspiring musicians aged 12-19 with the experience of rehearsing, playing in a band and performing in live gigs. Registrations are now open for aspiring teenage musicians on the Gold Coast to sign up for 10 weeks of jamming, industry workshops and gigs.

The Guardian Masterclass – How To Be A Music Journalist
17 March, Melbourne
This one day masterclass covers all the basics needed to get started in music journalism, led by leading Australian arts and culture journalist, Kate Hennessey.

Making a Career in the Arts: Presented by SAMAG in collaboration with NAVA
20 March, Sydney
Following a tumultuous 2016 and with the median creative income for Australian artists being well below the national average, we check in with four Sydney artists and arts practitioners to talk the highs, lows and everything in between for creating a career in the arts. We will look past the stereotypes to talk through fair pay and funding, wellbeing, paying the rent, the business of being an artist and what the future holds.

Flying Arts Webinar: Advice for Artists
March 20, Online
Arts Law are running a free webinar talking through the crucial legal topics to know so you can professionalise your arts practice and take it to the next level.

Arts Sponsorship Masterclass with Nicole Newman
20 – 31 March, National
Creative Partnerships Australia are inviting  arts workers to join them for a masterclass with UK Arts Fundraising and Sponsorship Consultant Nicole Newman as she shares over 20 years of experience working with organisations to transform their sponsorship strategies and improve their potential across all areas of commercial income generation.

Stage 1 – Creative Industries Training
21 March – 30 May, Melbourne
Stage 1  is a series of eight weekly workshops designed to skill up young people from culturally diverse communities who often lack opportunities to engage in the arts. The program aims to build community capacity through the development of individuals’ skills in the areas of lighting and sound in the Technical Performing Arts. Workshops consist of up to 12 participants aged 17-26 years and are delivered by the highly skilled production staff at Arts Centre Melbourne.

Introduction to Barbershop Harmony
9 – 30 March, Boronia, VIC
Barbershop singing accommodates all voice ranges, and this workshop will introduce you to the basics of well-produced sound, touching on the fundamentals of this challenging form of unaccompanied singing.

Cultural Development Planning Workshop in Albury
23 March
A cultural development workshop tailored for local government professionals. The workshop will address the common challenges that are often raised by local government in cultural development staff positions.

Neuropedagogy & Music Workshop
24 – 26 March, Melbourne
Robyn Staveley, together with Susie Davies-Splitter and Melissa Dods, present a special course titled “Neuropedagogy & Music”. This course is for experienced music practitioners who are interested in looking at how research in cognitive neuroscience and psychology can contribute to music pedagogy. The course will explore research that informs practice and pedagogy.

Four Winds and Musica Viva Professional Development Courses
Applications close 30 March
Free accredited music education professional development. Participants will develop skills in extracting musical material and inspiration from the natural environment in ways both educational and fun for students.

Live Music Professionals  Program
Applications close 31 March
Live Music Professionals is a brand new program targeting independent promoters and venues.  The program aims to help individuals in the Victorian music community build sustainable live music businesses.

CMVic Music Camp 2017 (Grantville)
31 March – 2 April, Grantville, Melbourne
Bookings are now open for the CMVic Music Camp 2017 (Grantville). A family friendly event, with lots of great workshops and singing/playing opportunities for all ages and abilities.

Regional Arts Victoria & Pozible Crowdfunding Mentorship
2 April, Melbourne
EOI’s are now open for regionally based individuals and organisations to take part in a three month marketing and crowd funding mentorship, produced in collaboration with crowdfunding expert Pozible.

Making a Musician Workshop: Gender Diversity in the Music Industry
18 April, Adelaide
This workshop will explore the gender gap in the music industry addressing questions such as is there one? Why is there one?  and What can we do to collectively ensure a cultural shift happens?

Patti Smith: In Her Own Words
23 April, Sydney
In a rare solo appearance Patti Smith will take to the stage to talk, read and sing from her acclaimed body of work.

Conservatorium Open Academy
1 May – 23 June,  Sydney
A variety of eight week short courses for adults on a range of topics including singing, how to join a jazz ensemble or how to compose your own music!

Signature Works – Innovation Lab 2017
Applications close 1 May
Expressions of interests are now open to participate in an immersive four day residential Innovation Lab in May 2017. The Lab will offer an entirely Indigenous creative space with hope to strengthen future Indigenous signature works and embolden artists with strong ideas and innovative work.

TSO Australian Composers’ School
Applications close 29 May
The Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra’s (TSO) Australian Composers’ School is a unique opportunity to experience an intense week of orchestral composition training. The aim of the Composers’ School is to seek out and develop talented composers who wish to hone their orchestral writing skills.

Australian Composition Seminar
24 or 25 July
Tickets are now on sale for the 2017 Australian Composition Seminar. Richard Gill, Karen Carey and Andrew Batt-Rawden present an astounding compositional development experience for high school Music 1 and Music 2 students in years 8, 9, 10 and 11. This year the seminar will feature Melbourne’s Plexus ensemble.

Engaging Student with Disability (Creative Learning) Forum
18 – 19 August, Sydney
Exchange information, ideas and inspiration with industry experts and practitioners from the arts and disability network in this interactive two day forum for teachers, support providers and artists. This two day forum will not only fill you with ideas and provide you with skills, but will also incentivise collaborations between artists and schools. This is the forum for those passionate about working with students with disability or for teachers who want to learn some tried and tested technique.

Cultural Infusion – Music of the Andes
Throughout 2017
This music program sees Inka Marka combine traditional Andean costumes, dance, musical performances and background information to deliver a music education package aimed at students.

Drug Aware YCulture Regional
Throughout 2017
This opportunity offers 12-26 year olds who live in regional Western Australia the chance to fund an arts idea that benefits their community. Projects must promote the Drug Aware message and contribute to the participants improving their artistic skills.

Hornsby Shire Council – Call Out For Musicians
Throughout 2017
The Westside Vibe – Hornsby’s signature arts event is looking for unique performers to join their event line-up. There will be both paid stage performances and busking performances that will include takings and a payment from Council. Interested performers should contact [email protected] with a sample of their work.

The Place of Music in 21st Century Education
Open Online
What do children need from education now, and in the future? This five module course is not just for classroom or ensemble music educators. It’s suitable for anyone interested in creativity-infused education, in contemporary education issues, and in the integration and use of digital technology.

The Art of Wellness: Visual Arts and Health
Free online Course
The Art of Wellness: Visual Arts and Health explores personal and community health and wellness strategies using visual arts mediums. Each online module showcases the applied use of creative visual practices. The short course run by the University of Tasmania is designed to introduce you to a range of practices that promote focus and connectedness to ourselves, our relationships and the world around us.


The Arts Units Learning Hub
Throughout 2017
The Arts Unit Learning Hub is a new online professional development platform for teachers across arts and literacy. It is free to all det and edu email holders and access can also be granted to other members of the education community on application.

Folk Music:
Australia Folk Blogspot – A terrific resource for folk enthusiasts  

Contemporary Music:
Anatomy Music Focused Podcast
– A collection of podcasts on Australian contemporary artist and music industry issues

Industry Advice:
Beyond the Stage Podcast

3MBS and Susan de Weger present Beyond the Stage podcast, 30 minute interviews with highly trained musicians who have built successful careers in law, medicine, business and social enterprise. These podcasts will share career stories on how music education is a unique and valuable training for career success in any industry.

Australian Audio Guide
A collaborative endeavour by The Wheeler Centre and Audiocraft, the Australian Audio Guide collates podcasts and radio programs on a variety of topics – food, live storytelling, arts and culture, nature and place, sound art, music, parenting, social issues, and the list goes on. The guide celebrates audio creations with regular interviews, features and listening suggestions.


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Music: Count Us In

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