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Songwriting Workshops for Men in Grenfell
20 July – 20 August
Over four weeks singer-song writer Abby Smith, of the band Smith & Jones, will help participants to write lyrics and music and then fine tune their new songs for recording and performance.

Create NSW, Talent Camp
Applications close 21 July
Create NSW is calling on emerging content creators and storytellers from diverse backgrounds across the state to apply for up to 15 places at the NSW State TALENT CAMP, a new program in partnership with the Australian Film Television & Radio School (AFTRS) and Screen Australia.

Moving Art to the People, Touring Workshop
21 July, Sydney
Arts on Tour in partnership with TNN and NSW & ACT Performing Arts Centre Association are presenting a one day workshop that tells you everything you need to know about getting your work on the road.

Fine Music Appreciation, Music of the Impressionist Period
22 July, Sydney
This one day workshop will explore the music of this Impressionist period in its historical and social context.

Ed Kuepper In Conversation:”(I’m) Stranded” – 40 Years On
22 July, Melbourne
To celebrate 40 years since the release of The Saints’ debut seminal album, “(I’m) Stranded”, guitarist Ed Kuepper gives an exclusive “In Conversation” about the album’s release, recording and how the political climate in Brisbane influenced one of the most important albums of all time.

Australian Copyright Council Seminars
24, 25 and 27 July, NSW
Seminars presented by experts in the field of copyright law who are up-to-date with the latest policies, laws and applications of copyright.

Australian Composition Seminar
24 or 25 July
Tickets are now on sale for the 2017 Australian Composition Seminar. Richard Gill, Karen Carey and Andrew Batt-Rawden present an astounding compositional development experience for high school Music 1 and Music 2 students in years 8, 9, 10 and 11. This year the seminar will feature Melbourne’s Plexus ensemble.

Research Symposium: Culture as an Agent of Change
25 July, Sydney
Can culture be an agent of change? Should cultural institutions such as museums and galleries lead this activity? What role do values and ethics play in this terrain?


You’re The Voice
29 July, QLD
You’re The Voice is a pioneering choral project, encouraging Australians to unite their voices and turn the tide on domestic violence. The project will bring together thousands of singers from community, school and professional choirs as well as individuals from across the country to join forces in a monumental musical event.

Brian Reed: We Need to Talk About S-Town
29 July, Sydney
S-Town’s rich and thoughtful story telling has captured the attention of audiences from around the world. Join the host and co-creator, Brian Reed, for an indepth discussion about the groundbreaking podcast.

Gamelan Workshop
29 July, Sydney
Lead by Peter Dunbar-Hall, this workshop provides music educators with authentic experience of Balinese music on the instruments of the Conservatorium’s Balinese Gamelan. The workshop will present practical ideas to use in the classroom and for personal musical development.

The Whole Song Workshops
29 July – 12 August
A series of songwriting workshops with performing artists Bonnie Hayes and Pat Pattison.

Sydney Alexander Masterclass for Voice and Performance
1-2 August, Sydney

Ideal for musicians seeking to unlock their creative freedom with the Alexander Technique.

Thought Leadership in Arts Funding: the Creative Music Fund
2 August, Sydney
Presented in partnership with the Funding Institute Australia, this breakfast presentation explores thought leadership in arts funding through the story of a ‘new’ fundraising model: the Creative Music Fund.

AIM Open Day Workshops
5 and 12 August, Melbourne and Sydney
The Australian Institute of Music will be open for a day of music workshops, masterclasses and career development Q & A sessions for aspiring music professionals.

ASCAP Musical Theatre Workshop 2018
Applications close 14 August
The ASCAP Musical Theatre Workshop provides local writers and composers of musical theatre the opportunity to present their work to a legend of Broadway and Hollywood and receive the benefits of expert critical feedback and mentorship.

The Voice in Cinema Lecture
16 August, Melbourne
A performative lecture entitled The Voice in Cinema, tracing a history of the ‘acousmêtre’ – Michel Chion:term for the mysterious off-screen voice in cinema, through his own oeuvre and the works of Bresson, Lang, Syberberg, Spike Jonze and more.

All Girl Electronic
17 August – 7 October, Sydney
Be trained and mentored in music software, composition and arrangement, recording, production and performance by some of Sydney’s best producers.

Engaging Student with Disability (Creative Learning) Forum
18 – 19 August, Sydney
Exchange information, ideas and inspiration with industry experts and practitioners from the arts and disability network in this interactive two day forum for teachers, support providers and artists. This two day forum will not only fill you with ideas and provide you with skills, but will also incentivise collaborations between artists and schools. This is the forum for those passionate about working with students with disability or for teachers who want to learn some tried and tested technique.

BodyTune: Arms Hands Instrument
21 August, Sydney
BodyTune: Arms, Hands, Instrument teaches you about anatomical and biomechanics aspects of arm actions when playing instruments and conducting.

String Forum: Some Thoughts on Bowing and Sound
23 August, Sydney
This seminar explores some fundamental ideas about bowing and bow technique to promote efficient and effective foundations of sound production. Concentrating on simple and effective practice methods to develop performance.

ALL CONFERENCE: Artists’ labour and the speculation economy
29 August, Melbourne
This discussion will respond to expanded notions of organised labour in the arts, who are the risk-bearers and for what reward. Presenters will discuss forms of solidarity and reflect on the potential of artists as a global activist workforce.

Australian Ballet Music Talks
30 August, Melbourne
Like the dancers on stage, musicians and conductors are powerful storytellers. In these free talks, Music Director and Chief Conductor Nicolette Fraillon will chat about the 2017 composers and their works.

Making a Musician Workshop: Copyrights & Contracts
30 August, Adelaide
This workshop will navigate the ins and outs of contractual agreements and will also discuss when to engage a lawyer (always) and where to find one that understands music industry standards.

Masterclass Guitarist Professor Richard Smith
4 September, Sydney
Sydney Conservatorium of Music offers you the opportunity to attend a masterclass with acclaimed guitarist Professor Richard Smith. You are invited to witness him working with talented students, workshopping techniques to perfect their craft in an ‘open lesson’ format.

Geordie Brookman, Artistic Director State Theatre Company In conversation with Nicholas Carter, ASO Principal Conductor
4 September, Adelaide
In this talk Adelaide Symphony Orchestra(ASO) Principal Conductor Nicholas Carter and State Theatre Company Artistic Director Geordie Brookman will speak about how to marry the two art forms.

The Sound of Pictures – Australia Ensemble
16 September, Sydney
Presented by Radio National’s The Music Show host, Andrew Ford, this program represents a new offering from the Australia Ensemble: an exploration of music written by composers for film as well as concert music that makes use of the moving image as part of its presentation.

Australian Ballet Music Talks
23 September, Melbourne
Like the dancers on stage, musicians and conductors are powerful storytellers. In these free talks, Music Director and Chief Conductor Nicolette Fraillon will chat about the 2017 composers and their works.

Australian Ballet Music Talks
23 September, Melbourne
Like the dancers on stage, musicians and conductors are powerful storytellers. In these free talks, Music Director and Chief Conductor Nicolette Fraillon will chat about the 2017 composers and their works.

National Women Composers’ Development Program
17 – 18 October, Sydney
Participants will be mentored by several of Australia’s top women composers, as well as by members of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music’s outstanding composition unit.

Music Passport Program
November, 2017
Music Passport will present a suite of initiatives and opportunities that will support Victoria’s music industry to establish global links, learn from the best in the world and break into new international markets. Expect further details about the Music Passport initiatives in the months ahead.

Australian Ballet Music Talks
22 November, Sydney
Like the dancers on stage, musicians and conductors are powerful storytellers. In these free talks, Music Director and Chief Conductor Nicolette Fraillon will chat about the 2017 composers and their works.

Australian Ballet Music Talks
13 December, Sydney
Like the dancers on stage, musicians and conductors are powerful storytellers. In these free talks, Music Director and Chief Conductor Nicolette Fraillon will chat about the 2017 composers and their works.

Industry Connect
Throughout 2017

A new music program bringing music industry professionals to regional Queensland to help anyone interested in building a sustainable career in the music industry.

Cultural Infusion – Music of the Andes
Throughout 2017
This music program sees Inka Marka combine traditional Andean costumes, dance, musical performances and background information to deliver a music education package aimed at students.

Drug Aware YCulture Regional
Throughout 2017
This opportunity offers 12-26 year olds who live in regional Western Australia the chance to fund an arts idea that benefits their community. Projects must promote the Drug Aware message and contribute to the participants improving their artistic skills.

The Australian Conducting Academy Summer School
25 January  – 2  February, 2018, Tasmania
Under the leadership of Course Director Johannes Fritzsch, who begins his three year appointment as the TSO’s inaugural Principal Guest Conductor in 2018, students will benefit from rehearsals with pianists as well as at least five orchestra calls with the TSO over the course of the school.


Senior Music by Meryl Jackson-Kew and Aleksandar Vujic
Senior Music is a collection of music pieces that are suitable for music study in years 10, 11 and 12.  It has been designed for the New South Wales Higher School Certificate, Queensland, Western Australian, Victorian, South Australian and Tasmanian Certificate of Education and Northern Territory Certificate of Education and Training. For bulk school orders or more information contact: [email protected]

The Arts Units Learning Hub
Throughout 2017
The Arts Unit Learning Hub is a new online professional development platform for teachers across arts and literacy. It is free to all det and edu email holders and access can also be granted to other members of the education community on application.

Folk Music:
Australia Folk Blogspot – A terrific resource for folk enthusiasts  

Contemporary Music:
Anatomy Music Focused Podcast
– A collection of podcasts on Australian contemporary artist and music industry issues

Industry Advice:
Beyond the Stage Podcast

3MBS and Susan de Weger present Beyond the Stage podcast, 30 minute interviews with highly trained musicians who have built successful careers in law, medicine, business and social enterprise. These podcasts will share career stories on how music education is a unique and valuable training for career success in any industry.

Australian Audio Guide
A collaborative endeavour by The Wheeler Centre and Audiocraft, the Australian Audio Guide collates podcasts and radio programs on a variety of topics – food, live storytelling, arts and culture, nature and place, sound art, music, parenting, social issues, and the list goes on. The guide celebrates audio creations with regular interviews, features and listening suggestions.

The Place of Music in 21st Century Education
Open Online
What do children need from education now, and in the future? This five module course is not just for classroom or ensemble music educators. It’s suitable for anyone interested in creativity-infused education, in contemporary education issues, and in the integration and use of digital technology.

The Art of Wellness: Visual Arts and Health
Free online Course
The Art of Wellness: Visual Arts and Health explores personal and community health and wellness strategies using visual arts mediums. Each online module showcases the applied use of creative visual practices. The short course run by the University of Tasmania is designed to introduce you to a range of practices that promote focus and connectedness to ourselves, our relationships and the world around us.


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