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Research Report on Community Orchestras in Australia

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July 01, 2012
Report prepared by Alex Masso
Published: July 2012

Community Orchestras in Australia is a report by Music Australia which looks at community-based orchestras in Australia. It includes findings about the activities of community orchestras, participation, and the choices and preferences of repertoire.

Key findings:

  • Over half of Australia’s community-based orchestras commission new music or have a member of the group compose for it.
  • While classical music is still the most popular genre, community-based orchestras perform a wide range of music including contemporary, multicultural, baroque, and Australian music.
  • There is great potential for orchestras to discover and try music which they aren’t yet playing. 46% of respondents are interested in playing a genre of music which they don’t currently play.
  • Australian music ranks highly among genres that orchestras “would like to” play, if they aren’t already.
  • All age categories are represented in at least 85% of adult/all-ages community orchestras.

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