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Report – The Status of Music Education in Australia & The Future Path

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September 04, 2017

Music Australia as part of its advocacy work in Music Education has prepared a summary report with recommendations into the future path of Music Education.

Music Australia, and its delegates, presents a united voice in calling for more comprehensive support of music education in Australian schools.

Music education delivers many benefits to young Australians – but to enjoy these benefits, students must attend a school and have teachers who can deliver a quality music education. The majority of Australian primary school students do not have this access and opportunity, despite the known benefits of musical learning at a young age. Quality music education should not be a lottery or a privilege for the few. Music education is for every student.

Music is now included in the national curriculum (The Arts) but problems remain with regards to how it is delivered and by whom. The opportunity now is for the education sector and government to deliver on the curriculum and ensure that all Australian students can access music as part of their schooling. Music Australia is seeking an increased commitment by the Australian Federal Government so that all Australian students and the larger Australian community can benefit from universal student access to music in our schools.

Download the Report Summary.

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