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April 27, 2018

Music Australia is seeking support from members of our community. The future of our national education program Music: Count Us In (MCUI) may be in doubt.

MCUI is Australia’s largest school initiative, supporting teachers to deliver inventive, creative and enjoyable music lessons in classrooms across Australia. Last year marked the eleventh consecutive year delivering the program with more than 660,000 students from over 3,000 schools participating nationwide. MCUI In is a free program accessible to all.  It brings teachers, students, parents and communities together in celebration of music and music education. Last year 32% of all Australian schools took part in the MCUI program.

We have recently been advised that Federal Funding arrangements have changed and that these changes may jeopardise the renewed funding of our program for 2019.  It is important that the Minister of Education and training , Senator Simon Birmingham be made aware of widespread community support for the program.

Without federal funding MCUI cannot continue and without MCUI the majority of Australian schools will have no access to music education programs at all.

We are asking stakeholders to urgently send a letter to either your local Federal Member or direct to the Hon Simon Birmingham.

To assist with this request below you download a letter that could be used for this purpose.

Simply download and place onto relevant letterhead, sign the letter, I would like to encourage you to customise the letter to share your experience of the program  and send to your local Federal Member or directly to the Hon Simon Birmingham.


Your local Federal Member’s postal address can be found in three simple steps.

  • Got to:
  • Type in your postcode at the bottom of the page and click search.
  • Your Federal member’s name will then appear at the top of a list. Click on their name to see their postal address.

If you need any further help with this process or for us to supply the relevant Federal Member’s details for you please contact Jim Finn, Music Education Campaign Manager for Music: Count Us In via email: [email protected]

Budget decisions are being made right now so it is vital that your letter be sent as soon as possible.  Music Australia greatly appreciates your support to help us continue the largest music education program in not only Australia, but throughout the whole world, Music: Count Us In.

For Media Comment or any questions please contact: Rhonda Davidson Irwin, CEO: 0412 185 551 or Cara Anderson, Director of Engagement, 0405 771 008 [email protected]

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