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Labor Draft National Policy Platform: Combined Performing Arts and Live Performance Sector Feedback

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June 26, 2018

Combined performing arts and live performance sector letter to Mr Bill Shorten including feedback and recommendations regarding the Labor draft National Policy Platform.

Summary of Collective Response

Our submission provides key collective comments on our principles in relation to the role of the performing arts and broader creative industries across government portfolios. For example, we highlight the following:

  • For Australia’s live performance industry to continue to grow and innovate, we need a regime of investment incentives and funding initiatives that will support the production of world-class work to create more Australian jobs and drive industry growth, resulting in direct benefits to the economy and society.
  • We welcome the ALP’s commitment to the arts and anticipate more detailed discussion with Shadow Arts Minister Tony Burke in reviewing the party’s Creative Australia policy. Recognising a significant premise of the Creative Australia policy is the connectedness of the arts across portfolios, we provide some key comments and principles below, in relation to the role of the arts and creative industries across government portfolios. In education for example, an effective arts curriculum has the capacity to increase student engagement, build social cohesion, ignite creativity and increase capacity to understand and empathise with people and their needs.
  • Your budget reply acknowledgement of the importance for all children to have access to a quality arts education was well received by those of us in the performing arts sector. We write to both thank you for this commitment and to offer our ideas and observations in relation to the draft Labor National Policy Platform. To support this commitment and in addition to ALP’s specific commitment to science, maths and coding skills we recommend the ALP acknowledge the importance of access to a creative curriculum and quality arts education and educators.
  • In 2016, the arts industry celebrated your announcement, as part of ALP’s plan to invest in Australia’s creative industries, to “provide $20 million of new funding each year, for the next four years” to the Australia Council for the Arts. We continue to
    support such an investment into the arts, and we look forward to hearing more about this.


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