2020 Program Song

Program Song

The 2020 Program Song is called ‘You Won’t Bring Us Down’.  The song draws on themes of young people standing up for what they believe in, inspired by climate change and the recent Australian bushfires. 

Creating the Song: 2020

MCUI 2020 kicked off with the Songwriting Workshop in March taking place at the Alex Theatre in St Kilda. Student finalists from the National Songwriting Competition Eve Cooper (North Hobart, TAS), Greta Lynch (Mosman Park, WA), Trent May (Yepoon, QLD) and Ava Sharp (Fremantle, WA) were selected from across the country to collaborate with our music professionals to create this year’s MCUI song. During the Songwriting Workshop, students received expert guidance from award-winning producer John Foreman OAM, the program’s ambassador and the program’s music mentor, Lior. Meet the Student songwriters here.

Recording the Song: 2020

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the song was recorded remotely by vocalist Theoni Marks from the Talent Development Project ( under the mentorship of leading vocalist Susie Ahern) and a host of professional musicians. John Foreman produced the track, working with recording engineer Simon Moro.

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