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Justine Clarke is a familiar face to many around Australia. She is particularly loved by some of Australia’s youngest people and their parents thanks to her work on Play School  and as the host of The Justine Clarke Show!. She is deeply passionate about music for young people and music in schools, with singing and performing a part of her DNA from childhood. In her 19 years with Big Ted, Jemima and the rest of the iconic Play School cast, Justine has released platinum and gold selling CD/ DVDs of children’s songs, with original compositions by pianist Peter Dasent and backed by some of Australia’s finest musicians. Justine is an acclaimed performer of stage and screen and understands the power of music – especially as a tool for learning and educating young people.

On being the 2018 MCUI Mentor, Justine says:

“I’m thrilled to be part of this program that promotes music education, creativity and community in one loud and joyful song that’s heard right across the country! Count me in!”

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