Celebration Day 2018

MAIN EVENT: Bellerive Boardwalk, Hobart Tasmania

This year’s main Celebration Day event will take place at the beautiful Bellerive Boardwalk on the shores of  the River Derwent.  For the past  six years local schools have been gathering to celebrate Music: Count Us In at this spectacular location.

On Thursday 1 November our main event will be live streamed across the country beginning at 12pm (AEST) with the singing of ‘One Song’ taking place at 12.30pm (AEST).

You can watch last year’s Celebration Day Event by clicking on the link below.



We hear about new Celebration Day plans every day! Many schools work in collaboration with other schools to stage big events on the big day and we encourage all schools to participate in this way, if they can. Our partners and friends around the country are working to produce and support local events so please get in touch with them. Find details of some  other Celebration Day events, below. Please note that this information will continue to be updated in the countdown to Celebration Day on Thursday 1 November.


Surfers Paradise, QLD – Contact Susannah Callaghan

25 schools are already involved. Together they will create a massed choir of over 700 voices on Celebration Day. Student instrumentalists and singers will perform ‘One Song’ from the Skypoint Observation Deck and from down on the foreshore.


Various local events in WA – Contact Robyn Veitch

Our friends at ASME WA are working to help support local collaborations between schools throughout WA.


Wagga, NSW – Contact Fi O’Shaughnessy

Schools from the Catholic Archdiocese of Wagga will work together in a special advance Celebration Day. They are inviting other local schools to get involved, too, and will mark their day with a combined music festival. The day will be filmed and shared in a special video package in the live stream.

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