Animations Re-Released

Music Matters Campaign and Music: Count Us In Animations

Over the years we have had some lovely feedback about the animations which the Music Matters team have commissioned for the Music: Count Us In annual songs.

We have 8 animations going back to the beginning of our collaboration in 2012. We thought it might help with your classes during the period of remote learning if we reposted one animation, the lyrics and lead sheet to that song each week in the lead up to the release of this year’s song in early July.

Animations, lyrics and lead sheets to be released as follows:.

The animations are lots of fun and are great to sing along to. We hope this is of use to you.

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Why Music Matters Campaign

Since its launch in 2011, the Why Music Matters campaign has sought to remind listeners and music fans of the significance music holds in our lives, and the value of sourcing music from licensed sources.

The Why Music Matters campaign supports Music Australia’s annual Music: Count Us In program through commissioning animations inspired by the student-written and performed original song. Working in close collaboration with young local animators, the Why Music Matters campaign creates videos which bring the songs to life, showing school kids the power of music in storytelling and supporting the Music Count Us In message that music enriches every part of our lives.

Music Rights Australia (MRA) manages the Why Music Matters Campaigns and the Digital Content Guide which lists the licensed online music services. Visit and support licensed online music services.

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