Music: Count Us In hosts a suite of resources.  You may find the following useful:

Music: Count Us in Media Kit 2019

The 2019 Press release and an Information sheet on how to get local media engaged with your school.


MCUI Poster 2019
This poster can be printed and has a customisable panel where you can add in your schools or local community’s Celebration Day event. Or there is full version you can print without the panel depending on what you need.

Download the Poster with customisable panel

Download the full Poster

Music: Count Us In Engagement Flyer 2019
This flyer can be used help engage your electorate, school or community in the program.

Download the flyer

Music Is Good – Music Australia Advocacy Resource

This fact sheet can be used to assist you in Music Education Advocacy. It presents the latest information about the benefits of music education, along with some facts about music in Australia.

download ‘mUSIC IS GOOD’ FACT SHEET & infographics

Download Advocacy Resource 1 Page Fact sheet

DOWNLOAD Advocacy resource A3 Poster 

2019 MCUI E Flyer 

A one page flyer on MCUI that can be used to share more information about the program.

Download eFlyer PDF

Report – The Status of Music Education in Australia & The Future Path
Music Australia as part of its advocacy work in Music Education has prepared a summary report with recommendations into the future path of Music Education.

Download the Report summary

Australian Music Education – Status and Priorities
Music Australia has issued a statement outlining the key priorities for music education. The statement places emphasis on  the need for an increased commitment by the Australian Government so all Australian students can benefit from universal access to music in our schools.

Download the Statement

Research Report: Music to Our Ears

The Music to Our Ears report presents the compelling case for more music in Australian schools based on the evidence proving the benefits of music education, the context in Australia where most students do not have an adequate music education at school (many students have none at all), the need for action, and case studies of artists and schools that demonstrate the value of music education in schools.

‘Music to Our Ears’ was part of the Parental Engagement Project, initiative of Shark Island Productions, The Caledonia Foundation and the Music Australia.

Research Report: School Community Links

This project was a collaboration between Music: Count Us In and the Music in Communities Network. A Music Australia initiative. Published by Music Australia.

Encouraging collaborations between schools and communities makes sense doesn’t it? This booklet was designed to assist that task. It provides resources, case studies, ideas and information to support, teachers, educators, parents and communities. Using this booklet you can build rich engagement and connections with your school and community, tap into new ways of working, and strengthen school learning, community identity and public image.

Education Case Studies

A selection of case studies on Music education and successful music education advocacy projects from schools across Australia.

National Music Directory

Comprehensive network of major performing arts music organisations, music professionals, educators and community organisations from around the country.

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