2017 Plenary Recommendations

The Plenary session for the 2017 Contemporary Music Roundtable was held on 3 August at Customs House Sydney. Convenors and Facilitators reported on key outcomes or finding from conference sessions. Notes with key points from this session are below.

Audience Development
  • Australian Music Industry Network (AMIN) to investigate and conduct audience development survey
  • U18s discussion (see youth development notes, below)
  • Council and government investment and support of all ages shows – Shadow Arts Minister Hon Tony Burke MP has been briefed
  • Digital marketing, partnerships for live performance opportunities
  • Regional development
  • Best practice needed to make shows safe, enjoyable and of high quality
  • Diversity essential
  • Music SA and Aon – pay and super for artists etc.
  • Cost implications (affordability and income for artists)
Youth Audience Development


Recommendations to foster engagement by young people in live music:

  • Propose that Triple J present a quota (or some agreed %) of all ages/U18s gigs
  • Funding program for quick response grants too incentivise them to host U18s shows (i.e. promoters, artists, venues etc.)
  • Best practice guide for all ages audiences
  • State and territory all ages events teams to be led by state peak bodies

Note: urgency around this issue!

Education Forum


  • MEGA – (Music Educators Group Australia) to be formed, as a sub-committee of Music Australia
  • Engage more Universities in MEGA
  • Foster strengthened relationships between education and industry
  • Internship code of practice identified as a priority, could draw on work completed in the UK
  • Increase communication RE: diverse education providers (e.g. Universities)
  • Bench-marking across providers would provide useful data
  • Skills gap in business skills for graduates
  • A call for Government to recognise the innovative nature of the Australian music industry, as well as its cultural and economic significance
  • A call for the Government to reject any changes to the Australian copyright framework, particularly changes to the ‘safe harbour scheme’ and introduction of a broad fair use exception
Sounds Solutions (Hosted by City of Sydney)
  • A Forum report to be circulated to attendees
  • A White Paper will be published (within 3 months) followed by more discussion

What is working:

  • Resilient sector
  • Professional and diverse
  • Technology
  • Great best practice model exists and can be expanded
Mental Health

Key issues discussed:

  • Note: check-in for upcoming Mental Health Summit at Big Sound
  • Support for managers is critical
  • Potential to explore 24/hr support with trained support
  • Australian clinical input to update UK model
Digital Rights 

Biggest risks:

  • Lack of Australian content in top streaming lists

Biggest opportunities:

  • Future predictions – voice search data algorithms
  • Block Chain

Possible recommendations:

  • Promote Australian content
Diversity and Inclusivity 

Key recommendation:

  • Create advisory group drawn from key industry bodies and representatives to consult on the process of achieving a truly inclusive and diverse music industry (funding and resources needed)
  • From state of play workshop: men to take initiative in working towards this outcome (thanks noted for the men who attended this session)
  • Music Australia and PUSH to work together on a session at Face the Music
Regional Policy Makers

The Regional Policymakers Forum provided the opportunity for research and leading case studies in sector development, strategic planning and better regulation outside the major centres to be presented.


  • Importance of radio for regional areas
  • Engagement fundamental to all regional work
  • Better relationships needed with country/regional arts groups
  • Note: useful to have Australia Council present to speak to findings


Actions from this year’s forum comprise:

  • Identifying best practice approaches in regional live music development to be endorsing at the Biennial Artlands Regional Arts Conference to be centred on Bendigo and Castlemaine in 2018
  • Communicating the great examples that were presented this year, including the findings from the research in central Queensland and the work Wollongong City Council have done around addressing land use conflict, better regulation, events, and industry development, for example.
  • Recognising the important role that community radio plays in regional Australia and promoting its contribution
  • Maintaining networks of regional policymakers who have participated and attended in each of the Forums
  • Promoting the inaugural NSW Artstate regional arts conference to be held in Lismore (30 Nov — 3 Dec 2017) to NSW residents where MusicNSW and the Live Music Office will be presenting.
  • Live Music Office to present an “award” for the worst condition put on an application (i.e. Razzy, Darwin award style)

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