2016 Plenary Recommendations

A plenary session for all delegates was held on the final afternoon of the 2016 conference. It contained recommendations and one specific proposal.

Australian Contemporary Music Alliance

Music Australia proposed that a national music industry alliance be formed.

  • This would be an informal representative alliance covering the whole industry
  • Its purpose would be to champion and foster contemporary music development
  • The proposed core membership would be the fourteen or so music industry peak bodies and specialist agencies that cover the sector
  • Additional members can be co-opted to provide effective representation and buy in
  • This group would commit to meet at least twice a year – at industry events
  • The agenda would include updates, discussion of key industry issues, advocacy, and any joint action and agendas
  • Music Australia may be able to provide the secretariat if requested, but proposed the Alliance be driven by industry
  • The ambition would be for this alliance can grow, and over time formalise as a united representative body for contemporary music

This proposal was supported, with a first meeting to be held later in 2016.


Panel convenors and moderators brought forward recommendations from conference sessions and some were made from the floor. These were:

Music Educators Forum
Educator Networks
  • Increase popular music educator knowledge of what other educators are doing
    • Hold a regular forum with music industry and educator representatives
    • Could be an Educator Sub Committee of a national contemporary music alliance
    • This is consistent with international ISME recommendations
    • Implement in a manner which is achievable and actionable

Strengthening Music Courses

  • Continue to strengthen ‘real world’ management and business skills
  • Dealing with mental health issues in the music industry was identified as a need
Data collection
  • Improved data collection would be beneficial: Detailed information and validated data of student numbers enrolled in courses, types of enrolments and graduate outcomes
  • Meaningful analysis and interpretation of data is required
  • Create a repository of educator information: best practice, stats, data sharing and strategy
  • Can aid lobbying government and inform development of music industry education policy
  • Develop national internship policy/strategy
  • Can include a code of conduct (draw on existing models – MEAA, UK Music)
  • Foster strengthened industry standards and practice in relation to internships
  • Recognise and incorporate many different existing models and practices
  • Industry and copyright education at Secondary School level
In summary
  • Connections are the key theme –  holistic connecting and relationship building between educators, students and industry
  • Goals need to be set to build those connections with outcomes and momentum central


National Live Music Forum
Regional Touring
  • Create a national database/network of regional venues willing and able to host live performances
  • Similar to how Performing Arts Centres operate to facilitate touring, these venues would work with artists/agents on a cooperative – rather than competitive basis
  • Lobby for establishment of a national regional touring program – similar to ‘Playing Australia’ to provide incentives/support for regional venues/promoters to present contemporary music
  • The funding would support marketing/promotion efforts
Regional Festivals
  • Source funding to update research on a selected number of successful, regional music festivals/events – social, cultural and economic value
  • This resource to be used by Music Australia, and other relevant stakeholders to lobby local, state and federal governments to invest funds in regional community music events
  • Note: In many cases this would collate existing data, rather than new research
Making Music a Potent Political Force
  • Identify core ask/strategy
  • Align with other allied sector groups (eg: screen sector)
  • Strengthen engagement with Austrade
  • Send Contemporary Music Plan to all jurisdictions with letter
  • Foster Cross portfolio coordination, particularly at Federal level
  • New Federal Parliamentary Friends of Australian Music convenor
Measuring Music Statistics
  • Facilitate an annual report on state of the music industry – select key data sets, develop partnership model across industry & researchers for implementation
  • A key tool to measure industry performance and advocate to governments
Micro Business
  • Foster targeted initiatives to provide increased capital, training and resources
  • Advocate for targeted International travel support for artist managers – drive a strategy to connect Australian microbusinesses business with international community
  • Support workforce development initiatives such as Control and Release
  • Support for small business
  • Foster best practice and learning from past, develop into a strategy, can include:
    • Share/pool business resources
    • Free/easy access to necessary services
    • Highlight how music contributes to other micro businesses
Music Media
  • Conduct audience research into Australian consumer tastes, trends and preferences
  • Strengthen industry knowledge of audiences and markets for our music
Recorded Music Product
  • Foster targeted initiatives to provide increased capital, training and resources
  • Small business loan, support schemes etc.
  • Strengthen Internships program to support recorded music businesses
Gender Diversity
  • Establish a national working group to drive a collective approach
  • Seek funding for research to provide  statistics to form baseline
  • Identify structural barriers, and set strategies and targets for improvement
  • Adopt good practice and initiatives in other jurisdictions, eg: in Victoria
Audience Development
  • Stimulate all ages touring circuit and seek support
  • Strengthen engagement with curated media platforms to increase Australian content
  • Promote value of the Australian music industry gain support of mainstream media
  • Recognition of International Music Day (June 21) – bring it to Australia
Other Recommendations
  • Block Chain to manage rights fees
  • “Fair Trade Music” (i.e. Seattle)
  • Industry and copyright education at Secondary School level
  • Sustainability for careers in music
  • Recognise music’s contribution to “night time” economy
  • National adoption of SA/NT model for small live music venues
  • Explore change in political conversation-how do we have the conversation we want?

Summary of Conference Recommendations

  • Regular forum/engagement
  • Strengthen education (including internships)
Live Music
  • Strengthen regional touring
  • Stimulate all ages touring
Political Potency
  • Identify core ask/strategy
  • Send plan to all jurisdictions with letter
  • Cross portfolio coordination
  • New Parliamentary Friends convenor
  • Quantifiable economic data
  • Increased industry knowledge of consumer behaviour


Micro Business
  • Targeted initiatives
  • Capital, training and resources
Recorded Music
  • Targeted investment initiatives
  • Convene working group
  • Conduct research and adopt good practice

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