2015 Resources

Articles and reports commissioned and prepared by Music Australia in preparation for the 2015 Roundtable


Invest in the Music Creator!

APRA AMCOS’s Dean Ormston makes a compelling case to invest in our songwriters and composers, a strategy that has propelled small Sweden to become one of the world’s top music exporters. Could we do the same? A summary of this article is also available. 


Arts grants – the new A&R?

As the music industry continues to evolve governments can become an increasingly important source of funding for artists and music businesses. The Australia Council’s Paul Mason explores what this support might look like beyond traditional grant giving.


Making the Case for a vibrant Australian live music scene

Live music is central to the vitality and viability of our sector. It delivers great outcomes and is loved by audiences. This overview of the state of play surveys strengths, benefits, challenges, action and advocacy needed and results we are seeing.

Building a vibrant Australian Live Music scene

Live performing is vital to the success of most artists’ careers, and where many fans gain their most enjoyment. Australia’s Live Music Office, an innovative strategy to address sector challenges, share their latest work and their vision for a vibrant live music future.


Urban Contexts: Music Cities Convention, Brighton

Melbourne’s Shane Homan reports on an inaugural gathering of global music cities held in May 2015. Ten cities including Adelaide and Melbourne shared their initiatives, learnings, and the benefits of placing music at the centre of a city’s life.


It was never about piracy: It was always about choice

A successful music industry relies on strong copyright frameworks, where artists can choose how their music is published online, and the industry can function viably. Vanessa Hutley explores Music Rights Australia’s work to strengthen these important frameworks.


Australian Contemporary Music Industry Snapshot

Music Australia has produced a statistical snapshot of the contemporary Australian Music Industry. We have gathered together existing data to paint a picture by numbers of our music scene that identifies key strengths and some stark realities indicating the work that needs to be done. Overview is also available.


Government and the recording sector – the story so far

Building a thriving recorded music sector is a prerequisite for any successful music industry. As we examine ways to strengthen our sector, Shane Homan has summarised a 2012 report he wrote for the Australia Council, and reflects on what is needed next.

The Need for Independence

The independent recording sector is an increasingly sophisticated player in the success and growth of Australia’s music scene. AIR’s Stu Watters explains the contribution, role and opportunities independent labels offer for Australian music.


Fostering 21st century music entrepreneurship in industry education

Joel Edmondson, head of Queensland state music industry body QMusic, urges some big picture thinking to equip our music entrepreneurs of the future with the right skill sets and capabilities to successfully navigate a dynamic but highly uncertain industry landscape.

Building Music Industry Skills: Australian Music Internship Program – A Proposal

Australia’s music industry is proactive in developing its workforce. This proposal for a national internship program from Perth’s Scott Adam would build on existing initiatives and aim to productively integrate the training and music industry sectors.


Issues facing fair compensation for musicians in the era of streaming
Grappling with music streaming realities, and ways to address fair compensation for artist is highly complex. This incisive article by QUT’s Phil Graham unpacks the issues. Overview is also available.

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