Past Programs

Music Australia has a 25 year history of managing, collaborating on and enabling projects and campaigns to support the music sector. We have run a number of initiatives, all with the overarching goal of increased music making for all Australians. Some of our most successful and popular projects include:

Songwriting Workshops for Teachers

Passionate about empowering Australia’s teachers with new and inventive approaches to music education, Music Australia teamed up with Musical Futures Australia to offer a FREE* nationwide program of Songwriting Workshops for Teachers in 2014 and 2015.

Building on the success of Music: Count Us In, Music Australia continues to extend opportunities to senior primary and secondary teachers through the songwriting workshops to develop their music skills and increase their confidence. A resource toolkit is supplied to assist with fostering creativity when working with students.

Music: Play for Life

One of Music Australia’s most celebrated programs, national advocacy campaign, Music: Play for Life provided information, advice and inspiration to Australians to encourage them to begin – and stick with – their music-making journey. In 2011, Music: Play For Life received international recognition as winner of the UNESCO linked International Music Council’s Musical Rights Award. For information of advocating for music making at all levels, visit our Discover music pages, or read Advocacy resources and case studies.

Making Music Being Well

Making Music Being Well got more people thinking about the therapeutic and recreational benefits of being musically active. The message is: sing or play a musical instrument. It’s good for you! Making Music Being Well  was a week-long celebration of the links between active music making and wellbeing, most recently taking place all around Australia from 21 – 27 May 2012. The program was a collaboration with the Australian Music Therapy Association.

The FLAME Awards

The FLAME Awards ran from 2006 – 2011 and were awarded to schools with creative, inventive or exemplary music education programs. Open to government and private schools, the Awards were supported by philanthropists, Robert and Elizabeth Albert.

Read about the FLAME Award winners

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