Andrew Ford, Earth Dances: Music in Search of the Primitive

August 14, 2015

Andrew Ford, Earth Dances: Music in Search of the Primitive, Collingwood: Black Inc, 2015, 240 pages, paperback (also available as ebook)

The received wisdom, when I was a university student, was that Primitivism, as a musical movement, was exceptionally short-lived.…

Ferris wheel above cookery ovens at the Zollverein in Germany

Music and coal: a postcard from Germany

August 14, 2015

Close down your old coal mine and turn it into an arts performance complex. That’s what the Germans did with their Zollverein – a former coalmine and coking plant in Essen. I was over there last year to listen to the first performance of Stefan Hakenberg’s opera…


Building a vibrant Australian Live Music scene

August 4, 2015

We all love to see artists perform live at venues. It’s the lifeblood of the music industry and is more and more the financial backbone of an artist’s livelihood. Hearing a song on radio, streaming service or record, is the trigger for a fan to see the act live and …

Music Talks

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Music in Communities

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Music: Count Us In

MA Illustration Hands  Education Australia’s biggest school music program!

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