Instrumental Work of the Year, 2015 Art Music Awards: The Secret Noise composed by Damien Ricketson, performed by Ensemble Offspring

Classical Reflections – what do trends mean for the future?

January 18, 2016

Recent data showing a sharp drop in Australia classical attendances gave us cause to stop and think. Is there a problem, and if so would we benefit from a national conversation – and plan?

Australia does classical and art music well. We produce and export remarkable…

Courtesy of Jeremy Rose Quartet - Sand Lines Album Launch

Ten Australian Jazz CDs To Listen To This Summer

December 21, 2015

Spend your summer in the company of Australia’s finest jazz musicians. These ten CDs represent a cross-section of some of the most beautiful, exciting and dynamic music released this year – from the vocal stylings of Kristin Berardi and Vince Jones …

National Music Issues Forum at Face The Music Conference 2015

Music Australia’s 2015 Round Up

November 24, 2015

Those following Music Australia’s transition over the past couple of years will be aware of quite a few changes. We’re pleased to report our transformation agenda is now largely complete. With a fully operational Sydney office, skilled staff, specialist part…

Music Talks

MTake part in our Music Talks Seminar series.

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Music in Communities

MA illustrations final selection-communityLearn about community music in Australia.

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Music: Count Us In

MA Illustration Hands Education Australia’s biggest school music program!

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