Music Australia Program, Goals and Strategies

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Our Goals 2014 – 2016

Our Strategies 2014 – 2016

Music in Industry To work independently and with partners to effectively foster discourse, learning and exchange, disseminate information, and contribute to innovation 
  • Foster engagement to support industry development by brokering relationships, supporting networks, and providing platforms for discussion
  • Provide credible information and resources to support industry development
  • Contribute to industry research, development and innovation
Music in Communities To expand our reach fostering music with more communities across Australia
  • Empower and connect community music leaders and music makers
  • Engage with local governments as key partners and local enablers
  • Initiate activities to promote and advocate for music at a community level
Music In EducationTo work with music education sector and key stakeholders to improve quality, quantity, and profile of music education in Australia
  • Deliver programs providing school music participation for students, professional development for teachers and support for parents and communities
  • Provide national music education engagement, information and resources
  • Advocate for improved quality, quantity,   access, and provision of music education in Australia
Marketing Position Music Australia as a nationally respected provider of high quality services and advocacy for Australian music and music professionals. 
  • A strong organisational identity is forged
  • The Music Australia clearly communicates its position in the marketplace
  • Up to date communication and digital strategies support this market positioning
  • An engaged audience and constituency is found and maintained for diverse programs
Organisational To provide an organisationally robust, financially sound and innovative company that delivers excellent value and services to the music sector
  • Provide continuous improvement to our strategic agenda and programs
  • Develop a committed and productive staff team who are well supported
  • Develop a robust organisation with effective operations and services
  • Be a financially strong and efficient business


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