Live Music Frontiers

National Gallery of Victoria, Clemenger Auditorium

November 14, 2015

Presented by Music Australia and the National Live Music Office

As live performance and touring become increasingly central to artists’ financial survival, new and innovative models are being developed for bands to play in live scenarios. From international models of artist collaboration and DIY projects to regional touring opportunities, re-purposing existing venues and halftime entertainment at the footy, this panel explores initiatives and shares examples of clever ideas being used to push the frontiers of live music.

  • Moderator: Yvette Myhill (Executive Director, AAM)
  • Ruth Daniel, UK (Co-Director, Unconvention/In Place of War)
  • Damian Costin (Director / Founder, 123 Agency)
  • Damian Cunningham (Audience & Sector Development, National Live Music Office)
  • Sharlene Harris (Entertainment Manager, ALH Group)


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