Indie Classics

Museum of Contemporary Art

June 12, 2016 at 12-2pm Closed

Indie Classics
/In-dee/ ˈklasɪk/ plural noun
1.  Classical and art music presented in informal settings by independent artists
2. Adventurous classical and art music programming for current and future audiences

Casting into the future of the Independent art music scene

 What Will Classical and Art Music Look in the Future? How will it sound, and who’ll attend?

In an increasingly complex and uncertain environment for the arts, it can be difficult tackle and address broader art form challenges when day-to-day survival is at stake.  Independent and small to medium companies are often at the mercy of many external forces and factors which leave little time for reflection on the major art form challenges of our time – and many think-tank style events do not specifically focus on the independent and small to medium sector.

With support from APRA AMCOS, in partnership with Vivid Ideas Indie Classics  examines the art of the independents.  Our panel will explore how small to medium companies in the classical ecosystem work, and provide pathways towards sustainable and vibrant independent work.

In the 21st century, perhaps our biggest challenge is one of connection.  How to connect with broader audiences, and younger audiences for classical and new art music?  We look at challenges and opportunities; explore innovation in audience creation and connection, and inventive programming. We provide an overview of the new wave of global independent classical activity.

Join us for an afternoon of ideas and exchange designed to inspire and turbocharge your creative practice.


  • Panel Chair and Moderator – Nicole Canham, Artist, Researcher, Music Australia Councillor
  • Drew Crawford, Composer, producer, arranger, songwriter and educator (VIA SKYPE)
  • Claire Edwardes , Artistic Director Ensemble Offspring, award winning percussionist
  • Tim Hansen, Composer, songwriter, music educator
  • Sophie Lieberman, Head of Programs, Sydney Living Museums
  • Greg Sandow (International guest), Classical music commentator &  consultant (VIA SKYPE)

Session outline:

  • This session looks at how our classical music ecosystem operates and compares globally, with a focus on independents and the small to medium sector. We discuss the importance of supporting the whole ecosystem, how each part contributes, where gaps exist, and how we can encourage better support
  • On the producing side we look at key issues such as fostering entrepreneurialism, imaginative programming, reinventing formats, and relevance to contemporary culture
  • Moving to audiences we explore data and trends, seek to understand ways to connect with contemporary audiences, and share examples of a new wave of global independent activity
  • We then invite short two minute presentations from our special guests: how they would or do approach the unique opportunity – and challenge – of attracting the under thirty-fives
  • Panelists will respond to these from their perspectives as festival and venue presenters
  • The seminar will conclude with a roundup of final reflections from each panelist.

As audience tastes and behaviours change, the future of traditional art forms such as art music rests in the hands of artists who must not only play the notes, but must also build audiences for their work. This session will explore ideas and innovations from around the world that inspire and attract a broader audience – Nicole Canham, Panel Chair



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