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Australian Contemporary Music Industry Roundtable

Towards a 2015 national advocacy and action agenda

Indicative Issues and Agenda

Goal: Capitalise on the creativity and dynamism of Australia’s contemporary music to grow this sector as a key national cultural and economic contributor
Possible National Strategies
  • Provide the public with accessible, high quality Australian music which they value and respect
  • Ensuring ready public access to diverse and viable high quality Australian music-     Building public respect for, & valuing of, our music in our ‘get it for free’ age
  • Increasing lawful use of recorded music
  • Strengthened live music scene
  • ‘Value Australian Music’ campaign
  • Support reform and attitudinal change to improve economic return on copyright material
  • A vibrant and viable national live music scene
  • Addressing continued pressures on live music venues by further reducing regulatory barriers-     Foster sector development initiatives that stimulate demand and grow live music market nationally
  • Further initiatives led by Live Music Office-     Targeted initiatives to increase live music venue numbers, locations and audiences
  • Strengthened terms of trade in Australian music goods and services
  • Improving Australia’s terms of cultural trade in music-     Increase Australian content of music broadcast, recorded, distributed and performed in Australia
  • Increase export of Australian music, through targeted initiatives & strengthened capabilities-     Targeted initiatives to strengthen Australian artist development
  • Programs to build capability and competitiveness of our small music businesses
  • Increased economic returns for Australian music copyright holders
  • Ensure creators are equitably remunerated as rights holder of copyright material
  • Strategies to increase royalties paid on digital music-     Strategies to increase Australian music revenues from broadcasts, recordings, distribution, performance
  • Improved employment for performers
  • Maintain and increase the level of employment and average earnings of Australian musicians
  • Ensure above strategies seek to optimise performer incomes and grow total employment
  • Optimised music businesses and workforce capabilities
  • Industry environment for music businesses to thrive from micro to major-     Equipping our artists and practitioners with the right training and skills
  • Alignment between vocational training and industry needs
  • Foster productive business climate, with small and micro business focus-     Strengthen training’s ability to meet industry needs through engagement
  • Deliver targeted workforce development initiatives

Key Success Factors   (indicative)

  • A successful, visible ‘Value Australian Music’ campaign
  • Improved terms of trade in Australia’s music goods and services
  • Increased incomes for Australian music creators and performers
  • Increased economic growth of Australian music industry
  • Increased attendance at Australian live music
  • A highly skilled music workforce and more successful businesses



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