Advocacy Agenda

Music Australia is developing a new Advocacy Agenda. Issues under consideration are:

Music Education

  • Student performs as part of Music: Count Us InEncourage recruitment of more specialist music teachers in primary & secondary schools
  • Support initiatives to increase the number of graduate general primary school teachers able to teach the curriculum in music
  • Contribute to strengthened professional development in music education for existing primary school workforce
  • Support and contribute to increased enrichment programs to strengthen music education in schools
  • Encourage and support research into national school music participation rates and areas of need

 Music in Communities

  • Encourage increased support for music in communities by all governments
  • Support and contribute to strengthening skills development for community music leaders and professional musicians working in communities
  • Encourage research to identify ways to strengthen community based music practice, skills and viability

Art Music

  • Support strengthened domestic touring platforms and circuits
  • Support dialogue, new initiatives and business models to build viability of independent and small to medium groups & ensembles
  • Contribute to mapping national activity and access to identify gaps and opportunities
  • Support dialogue and research into artform development and audience creation

Student plays didgeridoo at Music: Count Us In 2012Contemporary Music

  • Support initiatives to foster live music by reducing regulatory barriers
  • Support and contribute to fostering live music through sector development initiatives that stimulate demand and grow the market
  • Support and contribute to dialogue and research into micro and small business finance and infrastructure investment needs and opportunities
  • Support initiatives to increase lawful use of Australian music across the internet and in all digital forms
  • Support changes to copyright law that strengthen equitable remuneration to music creators and provide fair and reasonable access to Australian music
  • Support initiatives to strengthen Australian content and to increase the broadcast & digital transmission of Australian music

Music Skills and Career Development

  • Support initiatives to strengthen the effectiveness of vocational and tertiary music training and education and alignment with industry
  • Support industry generated professional development and informal learning including placements & internships
  • Contribute to identifying national skills and training gaps and opportunities

If you wish to contribute to our advocacy work contact us here.


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