Music Australia advocates nationally for music.

Our advocacy follows our three areas of activity: industry, education and community; both individually and collectively. When issues affect the Australian musical world, Music Australia serves as a voice for the whole sector. We seek to represent interested parties collaboratively and inclusively, to have balanced views, delivered with integrity and respect, and to support all musicians and music interests from the smallest to the largest. We work independently and with others to mobilise sectors, make submissions, provide resources and run campaigns.

What we do

Music: Count Us In 2012 in front of Parliament HouseWe identify priority issues for advocacy nationally to the Australian Government, to State and local governments, and to key agencies. We make submissions directly to Government and others, and support submissions by others, as well as running campaigns and projects to raise the status, awareness and support for music. Our music education program and advocacy campaign, Music: Count Us In, has grown in reach and impact since its inception in 2007, raising the status of music in Australian schools and offering professional development to teachers.We galvanise allies including celebrities, the commercial industry, and citizen based groups, as demonstrated by the high profile mentors who been associated with Music: Count Us In.

We identify research needed to make the case for music, and work with partners to generate ideas and evidence for advocacy

As a broker we bring parties to the table and foster common ground, utilising a national network of expert Councillors and Advisory Groups to contribute to and support this work, and collaborating with partners like National Advocates for Arts Education, Artspeak and our Organisational members. We also work internationally with groups including the International Music Council and International Network for Cultural Diversity.

Our Advocacy Agenda is responsive and regularly refreshed. You can view our current advocacy agenda here.

Advocacy Resources

Music Australia provides tools to support music advocacy, including:

  • Communication – through our enews, social media and online Music Journal
  • Information – tool kits, fact sheets, and links to useful information
  • Case studies – to highlight great practice and inspiring work
  • Submissions – to government, agencies and areas of public interest
  • Relevant research – academic, industry and community based

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