Governance and Councillors

Music Australia Governance

Music Australia is a representative peak music organisation in music, reflected in its membership structure, which is comprised of up to 20 nominees of national music organisations with the remainder of the 50 members elected by the full Council to positions assigned to various categories of musical activity.

Councillors hold $1 shares, under the Music Australia’s legal structure of a “proprietary limited company limited by guarantee”. Council members can sit for up to 6 consecutive years, and can if making an exceptional contribution be invited by the board to stand again for election.

The Board is elected to three-year terms from and by the full membership annually at the AGM, with approximately one third standing down before each election. There is no limit on the number of terms of a Board member, except that s/he is eligible for election only if a Councillor.

The Board exercises all governance responsibilities and meets six times a year. Members are dispersed nationally and meetings are held by phone conference with some face to face meetings to which board members travel at their own expense. The full membership can set policy directions, and the Board uses delegated authority to initiate or adjust policies.

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Music Australia Constitution

Music Australia’s Constitution set outs the rules by which the company discharges its commitment to advance, represent and further the interests of music in Australia. In 2016 these Rules have been up-dated to modernise them with current law, and provide more flexibility in membership.


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Music Australia Councillors

Music Australia has up to 50 Councillors who are experts in all fields of music. They offer rich information and knowledge to inform our services, provide representation, and to make Music Australia an effective national peak music organisation.

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Councillors & Directors List 2019


Michael Smellie, Chair, NSW (2019)
Ryan Miller, Treasurer, NSW (2020)
Brydie-Leigh Bartleet, Qld (2019)
Catherine Gerrard, NSW (2020)
Paul Noonan, ViC (2020)
Ed St John, NSW (2020)


National Representative Organisations

Australian Music Association: Rob Walker, Executive Officer, VIC
Musica Viva: Hywel Sims, CEO, NSW
Australian Music Centre: John Davis, General Manager, NSW
Australasian Music Publishers’ Association Limited: Matthew O’Sullivan, General Manager, NSW
Australian Society for Music Education:
Dr Anthony Hubmayer, President, SA
Community Broadcasting Association of Australia: Andrew Khedoori,  Australian Music Radio Airplay Project (Amrap) Manager, NSW
Australian Music Examinations Board: Mike Tyler, Chair, Federal Board and Queensland Advisory Committee; Principal Education Officer (The Arts), Queensland Department of Education, QLD

Representative Individual Councillors

By Field Represented


Early Childhood Education:  Dr Aleksandra Acker, Lecturer, School of Education, RMIT, Melbourne VIC (2020)
Private Music Instruction: Jody Heald, President, Tasmanian Music Teachers’ Association, National Chairman Australasian Piano Pedagogy Conference Association Inc, TAS (2020)
Higher Education: Ben O’Hara, Dean Collarts, VIC (2020)
Music Education Research: Dr Anita Collins, award winning Australian educator, academic and music education researcher, ACT (2020)


Composition:  Dr Daniel Blinkhorn, award-winning composer, NSW (2020)
Indigenous Music: Jessie Lloyd Music, VIC (2020)
Jazz: Sean Foran, award winning musician, composer, educator, QLD (2020)
Professional Orchestras:  Kate Lidbetter, CEO, Symphony Services International, NSW (2019)
World Music:  Peter Mousaferiadis, CEO Cultural Infusion, VIC (2020)


Community Music Development:  Polly Christie, choral director, VIC (2019)
Policy: Nicole Canham, Independent Musician and Writer, VIC (2020)
Creative Industries: Tim Dalton, creative industries music educator, contemporary music professional, VIC, (2020)
Employee Association:  TBD, Director, Musicians, Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance (MEAA) NSW (2020)
International Promotion:  Michael Smellie, businessman, former Global COO, Sony/BMG, NSW (2020)
Legal and Copyright:  Paul Noonan, Partner Thomson Geer Lawyers, Musician, VIC (2020)
Music in Film and Television:  Art Phillips, screen composer, Past President, Australian Guild of Screen Composers, NSW (2020)
Music Management:  TBD, Association of Artist Managers, NSW (2020)
Music Publishing:  Matthew O’Sullivan, General Manager, Australasian Music Publishers Association (AMPAL), NSW (2020)
Regional Music: Dr David Cashman, Head of Creative Arts Central Queensland University, Cairns, QLD (2020)
Research:  Assoc Prof Brydie-Leigh Bartleet, Director, Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre, Griffith University, QLD (2019)
Special Member (Classical Music / Publishing):  Cara Anderson, Publisher, Limelight Magazine, NSW (2020)
Special Member (Finance):  Ryan Miller, Accountant, Director, Keeping Company, NSW (2020)
Youth Music: Kate Duncan, CEO The Push, VIC (2020)


Computer Music, Multimedia
Contemporary Classical Performance
Folk Music
Music Broadcasting (Commercial)
Music Broadcasting (Public)
Music Criticism/Journalism
Opera and Music Theatre
Popular Music
Record Industry
School Music Education
Venues or Festivals

Honorary Lifetime Members of Music Australia

An Honorary Lifetime Member of the Music Australia is a person who has given exceptional service to the organisation, is not now a Music Australia Councillor, and has accepted the invitation of the Council to become an Honorary Lifetime Member.

Honorary Lifetime Members are:

  • Ian Harvey, Director, Musical Futures Australia, a Board member, and architect of Music Australia’s highly successful Music: Count Us In school music participation program
  • Helen Colman, a member of founding Steering Committee and subsequently Board Secretary.
  • Hans Hoegh-Guldberg, a Board Member, researcher, founder and editor of online Music Australia, Music in Australia Knowledge Base. Hans passed away in 2016 but we keep his memory on this list.
  • Dr Sylvan “Schmoe” Elhay, member for jazz, member of founding Steering Committee, inaugural Treasurer, Chair 2004-2008, and a founder of the Music Australia Journal of Music Research Online. A contributor virtually throughout the life of Music Australia.
  • Michael Hannan, Chairperson of Music Australia and author of The Australian Guide to Careers in Music, published by the Music Australia and UNSW Press.
  • Brett Kelly, hard-working Treasurer in some difficult early years.
  • Dr Helen Lancaster, Chairperson, Board Member, Councillor and Active Contributor.
  • Dr Richard Letts, founder and Executive Director of the Council from inception to 2012
  • Joan Livermore, member of founding Steering Committee and then of Board of Directors.
  • Beverley McAlister, member of founding Steering Committee and then of Board of Directors; guidance in community music development.
  • Lindy Morrison, Board member, great assistance to community music initiatives and guidance in performers’ rights.
  • Prof Huib Schippers, Chairperson, Board member, Councillor and Active Contributor.
  • Kenneth W Tribe, member of founding Steering Committee and then the Council. Ken guided the legal structure of the Council, wrote the Articles and registered the organisation. Ken passed away in 2010 but we keep his memory on this list.
  • Mary Turner, member of founding Steering Committee and then Board of Directors; guidance in community music development.
  • Dr David Worrall, member of Steering Committee and inaugural member of the Council. Immensely supportive and returned in 2010 as Music Australia Projects Manager.

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