Advisory Groups

Music Australia convenes expert Advisory Groups to support our work. Each is appointed by the Board, and governed by a charter. Advisory Group members and activities are published on Music Australia’s website and relevant information communicated via Music Australia information channels.

Advisory Groups

Music Australia currently has two Expert Advisory Groups:

Music Education Advisory Group

Provides expert advice and contributes to Music Australia’s work in Music Education. Its focus is mainly on school music education, advising on the Music: Count Us In program, and contributing to policy development, and advocacy

Contemporary Music Advisory Group

Provides expert advice and contributes to Music Australia’s work in the professional contemporary industry. It provides oversight of the Contemporary Music Roundtable conference, and contributes to policy development and advocacy.


The Charter is the governing document for each Advisory Group. It details the Group’s purpose, membership, structure, role and tasks. Read the Charter for each group below.

Contemporary Advisory Group Charter

Music Education Group Charter


Music Australia staff maintain a list of experienced professionals and prepares a long list of potential Advisory Group members. Appointments are made by the Music Australia Board.

Advisory Group members serve in an honorary capacity and are asked to commit to the Group’s Charter and be a member of the Music Australia.


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