Music Australia provides businesses and organisations with a number of highly targeted advertising and promotion options.

Our Audience

Our readership consists largely of music professionals including key music decision makers, opinion leaders and educators in industry, government, tertiary institutions, schools, teachers and community organisations. Our website, newsletter and social media networks act as a rich information resource for the musically-minded.

Our Reach

In 2018 over 900,000 people accessed Music Australia services. Our members benefit from Music Australia’s substantial reach which includes:

  • 745,000 Participating school students
  • 155,000 Unique website visits
  • 21,800 E-News subscribers
  • 16,390 Social media followers
  • 9,000 Music education professionals and teachers
  • 3,400 Schools

Download our advertising rates and specs below for more details.


Our prices were updated in January 2019. They are inclusive of GST. To discuss your advertising needs further please contact our Program  Officer Scarlett Di Maio on: [email protected]

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