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Music Australia is the only body in Australia devoted to music in its entirety.

As a national umbrella body we are a passionate advocate, a sector focused researcher, a comprehensive information portal, a broker, and a provider of informed and relevant services. Our activities span music education, industry and community sectors to deliver campaigns, information, resources, engagement, and participation and demonstration projects.

Our History

Music Australia was established in 1994 as the Music Council of Australia by Dr Richard Letts to provide a unified voice in Australia for all forms of music, a role that remains unique to this day. Over twenty years the organisation has brought people together from across the music sector to work with a common purpose to advance musical life in Australia. The outputs and achievements have been numerous including:

  • Equally championing the professional industry, community sector and music education, encompassing all aspects of contemporary and classical music
  • International recognition as winner of the UNESCO linked International Music Council’s Musical Rights Award in 2011 for the national advocacy campaign Music: Play For Life
  • Principle project Music: Count Us In has grown into one of the world’s largest school music participation programs – uniting 2,500 schools and 600,000 student annually
  • Over 200 national music experts have served as Councillors representing all facets of music and major national organisations
  • Engaged advocacy for music has been delivered through numerous government submissions and representations
  • A passionate commitment to music education has contributed to arts being included in the Australian school curriculum
  • Specialist websites, bulletins, social media, and publications have provided rich information resources to the whole music sector
  • A national Contemporary Music Plan has been produced, developed in partnership with a broad industry coalition
  • The National Contemporary Music Roundtable has become Australia’s leading policy and industry development conference.

In 2013 founder Dr Richard Letts retired, and a thorough strategic review led to a rebranding in 2014 as Music Australia, together with new staff and website, revamped communications and programs, and the opening of a first ever office in Sydney. By 2016 sector engagement and reach had grown to the point where Music Australia services reached a record 700,000 Australians.

In 2017 a new chapter commenced – without operational government funding – leading to a more independent and streamlined operation, with a stronger project focus underpinned by Music: Count Us In and the Contemporary Music Roundtable.  Information services continue to play a central role, centred around a widely read newsletter, providing credible music information for the whole sector.


Music Australia:

  • Strives to be collaborative and inclusive, to have balanced views and deliver them with integrity;
  • To be respectful, responsive and professional;
  • To work across Australia to represent all musicians and music interests from the smallest to the largest;
  • To welcome all voices and groups to the table;
  • To champion traditions, innovation and diversity; and
  • To show national leadership and maintain a total commitment to quality

Music Australia’s Sector Framework

Our work is shaped by our commitment to the whole music ecosystem, illustrated in the diagram below. This approach values and nurtures elements at all levels, to stimulate interconnections, and apply policy and market opportunities to achieve key priorities.

By way of illustration, we believe that strengthening music education can provide more pathways into professional practice, to in turn assist with industry development and participation, and stimulating music at the community level can raise public awareness and demand for music education for young people.

Musical Ecosystem

Music Australia Music Ecosystem Framework

Music Australia Goals

Music in Industry                                  

To work independently and with partners to effectively foster discourse, learning and exchange, disseminate information, and contribute to innovation.

Music in Communities

To expand our reach fostering music with more communities across Australia.

Music In Education

To work with music education sector and key stakeholders to improve quality, quantity, and profile of music education in Australia.


Position Music Australia as a nationally respected provider of high quality services and advocacy for Australian music and music professionals.


To provide an organisationally robust, financially sound and innovative company that delivers excellent value and services to the music sector.

You can view a full list of Music Australia Goals and Strategies here.

Music Australia Organisational Structure

Music Australia is a not for profit proprietary limited company with a national board of directors, and 50 expert Councillors who include nominees of national music organisations, and individual experts. Music Australia has Deductible Gift Recipient status and receives multiyear funding from the Australian Government’s Department of Education. View more information about the Board and staffing structure here.

Annual Reports

Previous Annual Reports are available for download. You can access reports here.






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