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Rachel Whealy
| December 10, 2020

Music Australia invites your school to connect with schools across Australia as hundreds of thousands of children embark on a shared journey of musical Learning, Literacy and Performance, via our national school music program – Music Count Us In 2021!


Music Count Us In is Australia’s largest national school music program and exists to support and empower teachers to deliver high quality classroom music lessons. Teachers are provided with an extensive package of teaching resources designed by leading music education experts and created around a central Program Song. This includes 10 weeks of expertly crafted, classroom-ready, lesson plans (K-Yr 8) aligned to the music syllabi/curriculum in each state, plus a suite of linked teaching demonstration videos and resources. Teachers receive song charts, lyric sheets, and backing tracks, as well as arrangements for a wide variety of school ensembles including choir, orchestra, band, wind, strings, percussion, recorder, ukulele, guitar, and individual instruments, as well as simple classroom instruments such as boomwhackers, stick percussion, and bucket drums. Teachers are offered the opportunity to participate in our face to face P.D workshops to further develop their programming and teaching skills, and to gain Accredited Professional Development (5 hrs) with an online P.D option also available. Teachers will have automatic access to all materials via our E-Learning Platform and are encouraged to share information, ideas and Celebration Day plans via our Online Teachers Forum.


The program culminates in a large-scale national ‘Celebration Day’ event where schools and school communities come together from all over Australia to advocate and celebrate the importance of music in schools. This event sees hundreds of thousands of students unite (via national broadcast) as one powerful and joyous national voice to perform – the SAME SONG, on the SAME DAY, at the SAME TIME!
In 2021, Celebration Day will take place on Thursday 4th November at 12pm (AEDT) and takes inspiration from the theme ‘Connection to Country’.


Whilst the program’s key aim is to advocate the value of quality music education in schools, it’s composition is underpinned by our core values of INCLUSIVITY and EQUAL ACCESS. We believe every child should have access to quality music education at school, regardless of distance, social and socio-economic factors. The program includes an Indigenous language translation of the Program Song plus accompanying lesson plans, video pronunciation guides, and associated resources designed for the sharing of knowledge and culture; An Auslan translation of the song with accompanying step by step ‘how to teach it’ videos; A Braille Score of the song devised by Vision Australia; as well as Lesson Plans (10 weeks) and resources devised for students with a wide range of special education needs. MCUI teaching resources are devised by leading music education experts, contain cross-curricular links, and are designed to be  (accessible to both specialist and non-specialist music teachers.

Download information on our 2020 Celebration Day Event

Download the 2021 Program Brochure

Changes to Funding Model

Music Count Us In has been generously funded by the Australian Federal Government, for the past 15 years, and therefore offered to all schools as a FREE school music program. However, due to federal and state government changes to the school funding model, these funds are now dispersed directly to schools (via increased general funding), who can make their own decisions re what portion will be allocated to their Creative And Performing Arts (CAPA) budgets. For this reason, it is necessary that the MCUI program transition to a ‘user pays’ model in 2021 to continue. Our team have worked hard to minimise the cost and keep the program accessible to all. We hope that schools, teachers and principals who have enjoyed this wonderful program free for so many years, will be willing to allocate a small portion of their CAPA budget towards the MCUI 2021 school music program, or consider involving their school community in a fundraising event which would support the school’s participation.


Full Price $2.00 per student
Early Bird Discount $1.80 per student – available for those who register now (in 2020)
Large School $2.00 for the first 400 students and $1.00 for the 401st student and beyond
Disadvantaged School $1.00 per student – if the school has an ICSEA well below 1000 AND is categorised as a disadvantaged school for other comparable programs

NB Further support is also available for schools who meet specific classifications as outlined on our website here.

To Register
As we transition to the new ‘user pays’ model, it is vital that schools register by the end of March in 2021. To REGISTER just fill in a short request form here, and one of our team will be in touch to confirm your school’s registration and answer any questions.

NB Please note that it is necessary for all teachers to register anew for the 2021 program as previous registration will not carry over as it has done in past years.
The program commences with the Songwriter competition, with submissions due by Feb 19 2021. It is not too soon to encourage your students to start to write or think about their song!

We are extremely excited about our 2021 Music Count Us In program and sincerely hope you will join us!

Best Wishes
Rachel Whealy
Program Manager

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