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Music Count Us In encourages teachers and students to join in the National Week of Deaf People Celebration by learning some Auslan!

Rachel Whealy
| September 29, 2020

Last week (19 – 25 September) Australia celebrated National Week of Deaf People (NWDP). It was a wonderful opportunity to honour Deaf culture and language, as well as raise vital awareness about social inclusion and communication barriers.

Music Australia’s education program Music: Count Us In provided teachers and students across the country with a suite of resources to assist with learning the Auslan translation of the program’s central song – You Won’t Bring Us Down. These resources were created in collaboration with the Royal Institute of Deaf and Blind Childrens Thomas Pattison School and its Signing Choir.

Teachers were supplied with simple, step by step instruction videos to help them teach the Auslan translation of the song, along with a fascinating ‘Introduction to Auslan Translations’ video, which explained the process of how the RIDBC Thomas Pattison students came up with their song translation. It is full of interesting not commonly known facts, and designed to raise awareness, spark conversation and get students thinking as part of the week-long NWDP celebration.

Students will again have the opportunity to perform the Auslan translation of the song on Thursday November 5th, when it will be a featured segment of the live streamed Music Count Us In Celebration Day event. Though this performance will be led by the Signing Choir of the RIDBC Thomas Pattison School, they hope that school children across Australia will join them in this performance (via live stream). We continue to encourage NSW schools to learn the Auslan translation since COVID Health advice still prevents whole group singing in schools.

Teachers registered for Music Count Us In can continue to access our total Auslan video package. This includes the ‘Auslan translation of the song’; the 4 step by step ‘How to teach it” videos; and the ‘Introduction to Auslan Translations’ video.

Register for Music Count Us In 2020 and access the following Auslan resources (video clips) immediately online. The program is totally FREE:

  1. MCUI 2020 – Auslan Translation ‘You Won’t Bring Us Down’
  2. Learn the Auslan Translation of Verse 1 ‘You Won’t Bring Us Down’
  3. Learn the Auslan Translation of the PRE-CHORUS
  4. Learn the Auslan Translation of the CHORUS
  5. Learn the Auslan Translation of Verse 2
  6. Introduction to Auslan Translations


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Rachel Whealy
Program Manager


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