Music: Count Us In Announces New Partnership With Sound Infusion

Ruth Mulvey
| August 28, 2019


The new MCUI Sound Infusion Composition Tool is now available online to use here completely free of charge until 25 October to all schools registered for Music: Count Us In.

Australia’s largest school initiative, Music: Count Us In (MCUI), is thrilled to be partnering for the first time this year with Cultural Infusion to enable students participating in MCUI to use the award-winning Sound Infusion composition tool and create their own versions of this year’s program song ‘We Are’.

“We’re excited to offer this new initiative which helps students create arrangements of the program song, and learn about the musical instruments of different cultures. It is a great extension to the songwriting and music performance opportunities offered by Music: Count Us In, and employs technology to increase the educational potential of the program. I hope students have fun with it.”  – Dr Paul Saintilan, CEO, Music Australia

Sound Infusion is an interactive music program that enables students to create their own music by combining the sounds of instruments from a range of cultures around the world.  Its sound bank of samples from various traditional musical instruments is a unique, culturally diverse platform for creativity. Students will be amazed by their own compositions as they explore the cultures of the world.

“Music is an international language….an all-inclusive dialect that anyone can speak. Sound Infusion offers Australian teachers and students a fun and creative platform to explore cultures of the world through their own personal music creation – I can’t wait to see what everyone creates.” – Peter Mousaferiadis, Founder-CEO, Cultural Infusion

The MCUI Sound Infusion Resource will be made available to all teachers and students taking part in MCUI 2019 from 11 September to 25 October.  Here’s an example of the kind of thing students will be able to create! What’s more, students will be able to enter their creations in a nationwide competition judged by MCUI Ambassador John Foreman, OAM.

Register here for Music: Count Us In to ensure you’re notified on the day of the launch.

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