Apple Launches Apple Music for Artists

Scarlett Di Maio
| August 28, 2019

After more than a year in beta, Apple has launched Apple Music for Artists, a dashboard tool which provides artists with access to detailed analytics about how about their music is performing on Apple Music and iTunes.

This new data dashboard provides information on artist stream plays by including algorithmic radio and song and album sales from iTunes. Artists can also view in-depth views by song, album, playlist, location, fan demographics and more.

Apple Music for Artists also provides artists with the following:

  • Music video views and performance metrics
  • Visibility into which Apple Music or curator playlists are driving the most streams of their music and how those trends change over time
  • Demographics of the fans they resonate the most with
  • Insight into how their playlists differentiate territory to territory and where those songs are positioned in the playlists
  • Information on where their fans are growing and the ability to track streams and sales all the way down to the city level in over 100 countries, which can assist them in planning tours and tailoring set lists for fans in each city
  • Weekly data to cover music industry standard release weeks to enable artists to better monitor week-to-week success
  • An Apple Music Toolbox allowing them to create embeddable widgets, players and badges that lead fans to your artist page, top songs, and playlists
  • Upload a custom artist image
  • Details about which of their songs are getting Shazamed the most

For more information on Apple Music for Artists or to sign up, head here.

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