ACMF’s Juvenile Justice Music Programs

Image Credit: Australian Children’s Music Foundation
Ruth Mulvey
| May 29, 2019

The Australian Children’s Music Foundation (ACMF) is dedicated to increasing the skills, confidence and aspirations of marginalised and disadvantaged children and young people throughout Australia via its music programs in schools, hospitals and community centres. In addition, ACMF is the only music education non-profit currently operating in Juvenile Justice Centres.

ACMF’s Juvenile Justice program offers young people in Juvenile Justice Centres across Australia weekly music sessions which focus on song-writing, performance and recording. The music sessions are a crucial chance for the young people to express themselves and increase important life skills such as team work, negotiation and self-discipline.

Recognising and celebrating a young person’s musical achievements and progress can build their confidence and enable them to create a new self-identity – one of musician or songwriter rather than merely that of ‘offender’. This can enable young people in detention centres to look at the world through different eyes and see a potential new path for themselves in the future.

“Through successful learning experiences and the opportunity to contribute to a team, students gain a deeper understanding of the nature and purpose of their lives, and how they can make a positive contribution to society“ feedback from staff at Juniperina Detention centre about ACMF’s Juvenile Justice program.

The ability to set and achieve musical goals can increase young people’s motivation which can, in turn, lead to increased confidence to engage with other education and training programs. Many young people who have taken part in ACMF’s programs in detention centres have enrolled in training programs and continued their music making on the release.

“It is now over a year since my release and I am studying audio engineering and playing the piano…This program was a great confidence booster to myself and gave me an education I may not have gained had I not been incarcerated.” Feedback from a young person released from Frank Baxter Juvenile Justice Centre

For the charity to continue bringing music education programs, instruments, and creative initiatives to disadvantaged children and young people across Australia – a donation of any amount is always welcome and appreciated. Please check out ACMF’s 2019 Tax Appeal here.

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