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Green Music Australia Launches ‘BYO Bottle Festivals and Venues’ Campaign

Image Credit: Green Music Australia Facebook
Scarlett Di Maio
| April 23, 2019

Last Monday was Earth Day, an annual event marked with worldwide celebrations held to demonstrate united support for environmental protection. This significant occasion was yet another reminder that we need to take urgent action on protecting our environment. Many musicians want to reduce their environmental impact but don’t know where to start, so to help Green Music Australia has launched a new campaign called BYO Bottle Festivals and Venues, which aims to reduce or eliminate single use plastic waste in music festivals and venues. Through this campaign, Green Music Australia is working closely with festivals and live music venues to implement sustainable waste solutions and cut unnecessary and environmentally destructive disposable plastic water bottles.

Established in 2013, Green Music Australia is a not-for-profit organisation and registered charity whose role is to organise, facilitate and inspire Australian musicians and the industry to make changes to improve our environmental performance, from energy use to packaging and waste to transport. The organisation poses questions like “What if the music scene went green?” and “What if venues and festivals stopped stocking plastic water bottles and replaced them with filling stations for reusable bottles?” This fantastic organisation provides tools, case studies, encouragement and hands on support, partnering with others across the sector to make these kind of changes happen.

Green Music Australia has lots of easy, practical ideas and resources for the music industry to think about implementing, such making all band merchandise plastic free, organic and fair trade. Their members and supporters come from a broad cross section of society: musicians; artist managers, agents and promoters; environmental consultants; venue and festival managers; music lovers who care about the environment; and environmentalists who love music.

If you would like to find out how you or your music organisation can begin reducing or eliminating plastic waste, head to their website.

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