NSW Government’s Parliamentary Inquiry into the Music and Arts Economy – Recommendations Released

NSW Musician Grant Walmsley Image Credit: Newcastle Herald
Scarlett Di Maio
| November 22, 2018

Recommendations from NSW Government’s Parliamentary Inquiry into the Music and Arts Economy have been released.

The report recognises that the state has ‘massive potential for the contemporary music sector’. Some key findings mentioned in the report reveal that the state’s recorded music sector has grown rapidly over the last two years via online streaming, and that the majority of the industry is based in NSW. The report states that if NSW were to match Victorian funding for contemporary music per capita, it would require an expenditure of at least $35 million over the four years of forward estimates.

The report also acknowledges that the state has a music venue crisis, of which the causes are complex, and this has had a negative impact on the NSW grassroots music scene, as well as on national and regional touring circuits. It also states that there is no research available to suggest that music causes violence; instead the majority of the evidence received suggested that music assists in preventing violence.

There are a total of 60 recommendations, including the support for MusicNSW to conduct activities such as establishing a Music Development Office, promoting live and all-ages gigs, conducting a live music venue census every two years, and showcasing regional venues, artists and industry.

“It’s heartening to see our State Government acknowledge the incredible talent of our artists, the resilience of our communities and also the impact poor regulation is having on our industry. MusicNSW is thrilled with the Committee’s recommendations and report and look forward to seeing the Government’s response,” says Emily Collins, managing director of MusicNSW stated via their website.

Other recommendations outlined in the report suggest that Create NSW lobby its Commonwealth counterparts to reinstate funding to the Live Music Office; the NSW Government develop a community benefit fund, similar to the fund operating in South Australia, that uses the revenue from gaming machines to support the live music industry; and that the Premier appoint a Minister for Music, the Arts and Culture.

In regards to music and young people, it has been recommended that the NSW Department of Education and Training investigate opportunities to give prominence to music education in curriculum, and improve training for music teachers.

You can view the report of the NSW Government’s parliamentary inquiry into the music and arts economy in New South Wales by heading here.

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