Hobart Leads Australia In Song

Celebration Day in Hobart Image Credit: Paul Redding
Jim Finn
| November 7, 2018

There is one magical day every year where schools, teachers and students lay down their pens, pencils and whiteboard markers (they still use these right?) to stop and sing in unison around Australia.  I am of course talking about Celebration Day for Music: Count Us In.  This year’s main event was broadcast live from Hobart on Thursday 1 November.

The forecast was for rain, but no one seemed to have mentioned that to the Tasmanian sky.  Throughout the morning the sun beat down steadily upon the Bellerive Boardwalk and neighbouring marina.  Raincoats were left rolled up in backpacks and sunscreen was distributed to students instead.  It truly was a glorious day in Hobart.

Students and teachers flooded down to the foreshore to witness the fantastic spectacle of a combined schools band and choir performing live to over half a million students around the country.  There was barely room to move amongst the 2,000 school children screaming and waving as John Foreman and Justine Clarke arrived by boat at the start of the live streamed event.

The Celebration Day main event was broadcast into halls and classrooms across the country with over 700,000 students singing along together for the 2018 Program Song called ‘One Song’. This event was the culmination of the Music: Count Us In 2018 program which began with the national song writing competition in November last year.

This year teachers were asked to send in videos of their students to be included in the live stream.  These were edited into a wonderful segment which proved to be one of the highlights of the broadcast.  You can view it here.

Messages of support came in from the Minister of Education and even the Prime Minister, telling students of the value of music education and wishing them the best for the day’s festivities.

The day was a marvelous success and once again highlighted the importance of music education in our classrooms.

Watch the video of the whole event right here.

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