Digital Revenue Leads the Way in a Record-setting Financial Year for APRA AMCOS

Scarlett Di Maio
| October 23, 2018

APRA AMCOS has revealed yet another record year of revenue, with streaming earning their members more royalties than ever before.

For the first time in the collective rights organisation’s history, the group revenue for the 2017/18 financial year reached $420.2 million. Digital overtook radio and TV broadcast for the first time with both sectors demonstrating growth.

According to APRA AMCOS, here is a breakdown of the key figures:

  • Total royalties payable to songwriters, publishers and affiliated societies (net distributable revenue) $362.8m, 8.2% year on year growth
  • Digital revenue $134.5m, 21.9% year on year growth
  • Broadcast revenue $132.6m, 5.8% year on year growth
  • Audio streaming revenue $81.9m, 31.9% year on year growth
  • Royalties earned overseas $43.7m, marking a 105% growth over a five year period
  • Total members who earned royalties 47,648
  • Royalties were paid on 10% more songs and compositions than last year, with 1,441,485 works generating earnings for 47,648 songwriter, composer and publisher members.

APRA AMCOS has reported that the digital market continues to open up pathways for Australasian music creators. Digital income includes audio streaming (up 31.9%), video-on-demand (up 30.5%) and websites and User Generated Content (UGC) (up 30.4%). Income generated from digital sources has surpassed that of radio and TV broadcast for the first time, rising 21.9% from the previous year’s figure of $110.3m. Digital as a whole accounted for a staggering $134.5m, with $81.9m in audio streaming income making up the majority.

Earnings from television and radio, $85.7m and $46.9m, respectively, combined for $132.6m in revenue, while the income from public performance (including live music) totaled $85.8m, an increase of 10.4% from last year’s figure.

In regards to live music, $25.3m in revenue from the concert sector grew 24%, a considerable increase from last year’s 15.9% uplift.

APRA AMCOS is attributing the growth in UGC royalties to their landmark licensing agreement with Facebook, which sees songwriters remunerated for the use of their music copyrights on Facebook, Instagram, Oculus, and Messenger.

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