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Louie and Alex from Polygon Woods and Caramel on set for The Mustard Mix Image Credit: The Mustard Mix Facebook Page
Rhonda Davidson-Irwin
| September 11, 2018

Last month I was fortunate to be in the Brisbane precinct known as Fortitude Valley, which is renowned for its innovation in regards to bands and live entertainment. I stumbled on a venue that was filled to the brim with a wide variety of people, from all walks of life, listening to bands that frankly I have not heard of before.

The vibe was contagious and, as I soon discovered, many of the bands playing at this venue were having their first opportunity to perform live. Providing professionals venues for new bands to perform with a great audience is a gift for young musicians. The Mustard Mix provides such an opportunity for talent to shine.

Mustard’s founder and creative producer Summer King, combined with like-minded film and television colleagues, is assisting in an innovative way to expose bands and talent not only within the Brisbane music scene, but also throughout the country with their online visual diaries.

The Mustard Mix is a collection of artists working together to showcase other artists. Currently specialising in the documentation of Brisbane’s growing music scene, Mustard aims to shed light on, and assist in, the development of local talent.

King, with the help of her colleagues, founded The Mustard Mix visual magazine which documents the local music scene.  “The idea for Mustard came to me at the end of 2017. I had just turned 18 and was going out but, rather than experiment in the clubbing scene, I found myself drawn to Brisbane’s creative scene. I was quick to discover the little gems in Brisbane; both the few great live music venues and the crowds of local talent. There was something special about going out and seeing the familiar faces, all a part of the music community, and being blown away by the talent in the neighbourhood,” says King.

The Mustard Mix is far from just another visual magazine. They pride themselves in the creative uniqueness of their content and the quality of the artists they work with. The Mustard Mix’s film crew consists of Madeline Randall, Dylan Ferec Nygeres and Luke Sweeney. The crew met at the Queensland University of Technology and were brought together by their passion and dedication to making high quality content. Both Madeline and Dylan are renowned for their quirky and experimental filmmaking which they bring to The Mustard Mix. Luke Sweeney, Mustard’s sound engineer, brings his diverse knowledge and passion for music and sound together to assist in the development of the Mustard sound. In addition to the quality of the crew, The Mustard Mix aims to only work with artists who have a unique vision for their music and the creative process. ‘You have to be passionate about an artist’s work to truly care about capturing what makes them unique and amazing,’ says Summer. A number of platforms in the music industry are quite saturated so having a creative team to choose artists who bring something new to the music scene is an art in itself and is a priority for The Mustard Mix team to facilitate.

Not only does The Mustard Mix create content, the crew also hosts events. These events consist of musical performance from artists as well as the screening of experimental films and music videos from local videographers. With their launch party in July selling out, it is safe to say The Mustard Mix are doing their jobs well. The future’s looking good for the growth of The Mustard Mix. With another event coming up late September and the recent branching into artist management, Mustard will continue to differentiate themselves in the growing Brisbane music scene.

For more information on The Mustard Mix head here. For more information on their next event head here.

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