‘One Song’ Launches the MCUI Program for 2018

Image Credit: Daryl Charles
Jim Finn
| July 4, 2018

Music: Count Us In has launched its 2018 Program! This year’s song is called ‘One Song’ and is a celebration of people uniting with one voice, connecting with those around them. Listen to ‘One Song’ and share this lyric video with friends and colleagues.

‘One Song’ was written by 5 student songwriters from around Australia in collaboration with Program Ambassador John Foreman and Program Mentor Justine Clarke.  The song was recorded at Sony Studios in Sydney with a group of very talented students from The Arts Unit and our lead vocalist from The Talent Development Project.  We are pleased to share with you the video of this year’s Recording Day where you can learn about the whole process and see how this year’s song came together in the recording studio.

Now that MCUI has launched, all registered teachers have free and easy access to the Program Resources in the ‘For Teachers’ section of our website. Currently we have released the first two of ten lesson plans with the remining eight be released on Mid July.  Each of our Lesson Plans has tips for students with specialised education needs. These adaptation ideas have been written by a special education specialist and are designed to help teachers facilitate inclusive and engaging lessons for students with physical and learning impairments.

This year’s resources will include:

  • A suite of lesson plans
  • Braille scores (available on request)
  • Song tracks (MP3 files)
  • Teaching Videos with Justine Clarke!
  • Scores for all sorts of school music ensembles

Still to come are an animated video clip and an Auslan translation of ‘One Song’ as well as an advanced orchestral arrangement done in conjunction with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

These resources are available to all who would like to get involved in Music: Count Us In 2018. If you’d like to get others involved simply get them to register here to join us in song on Celebration Day, Thursday 1 November 2018.

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