Arts Engagement Data Compared by Electorate

Image Credit: Australia Council for the Arts
Cara Anderson
| July 18, 2018

The Australia Council for the Arts has launched a new interactive resource. The resource brings together region specific data from the National Arts Participation Survey and new analysis of ticketing data, providing valuable insights into audience engagement with the arts by local area.

The resource has been designed to complement the suite of other statistics available on the Arts Nation research library. The online resource also provides information on employment across the cultural and creative industries, using data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

The Electorate Profiles breaks down the 150 federal electorates and looks at level of engagement, the percentage of those who listen to music, read books, attend arts and music events, are involved in community arts, engage with arts through their cultural backgrounds, engage online and creatively participate.

Taking the lead for arts in engagement is Canberra with a 100% score. While the other capital cities hover right behind, ranging from 99 – 98% engagement.

The Music Network has had a play with the resource and found that, “those who listen to music are a high percentage mostly around 98% (sample: Melbourne, Canberra) or 97% (sample: Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane).”

The level of attendance at arts and music events also varies. Melbourne has a 79% rate, while Canberra and Sydney are at 78%. Brisbane dips to 76%, Fremantle is 71%, Port Adelaide is 72% and Parramatta is 71%.”

How the resource can be used:

Users can see audience engagement with arts and sport by area.  By and large it shows that most audiences engage in both, which debunks the myth of a divide between the two. This is particularly true in Australia’s sporting heartland of Melbourne, where people are much more likely than the national average to have bought tickets for both arts and sports events purchasing on average 12.4 tickets to both arts and sporting events per year.

In regional Australia, many people are strongly engaged with both the arts and sport and are prepared to travel to experience them in person. The resource has the capacity to allow you to access the willingness of audiences to travel outside of their region or state for arts and cultural events. The resource shows that in addition to participating in local creative experiences, audiences across the country are buying tickets to events away from their local area. This illustrates an appetite for arts and culture all across our nation.

The tool is intuitive and easy to use and enables users to map arts activity against a range of social and demographic indicators published by the ABS. You can dive in and start using the tool here.

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