New Strategy Set to Advance Growth of South Australia’s Music Industry

WOMADelaide 2017. Image Credit: The Plus Ones
Scarlett Di Maio
| February 27, 2018

The inspiring growth of South Australia’s music industry of late is set to continue with the launch of The South Australian Music Industry Strategy, a new five-point plan to accelerate growth of the state’s industry, developed by the Music Development Office (MDO).

Established in 2014, the MDO is a joint initiative set up to support the ongoing development of the music industry across the state. Arts South Australia has teamed up with industry, innovation, science and small business divisions of the Department of State Development to develop a collaborative union of both arts and industry development.

As a result of a recent extensive consultation process the Office held with over 2000 stakeholders, the MDO has launched a new plan which responds to five major themes that arose during the consultation period, combined with extensive research and analysis of local, national and international trends.

The new collaborative strategy aims to increase the growth of South Australia’s music sector by ensuring that the state’s music businesses are globally competitive, innovative and have ready access to new markets. It also plans to drive economic growth and employment by facilitating collaboration between all tiers of government, industry and not-for-profit support organisations.

Five strategic priorities have been identified to help the sector grow over the short to medium term:

  • Activating live music across the state
  • Export and international market development
  • Music festivals and events
  • Media and PR – telling our good news stories
  • Technology and digital engagement

The full report is available here.

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