New Show on ABC ME Encourages Kids to Fall in Love with Music

‘Fall In Love With Music’ Show Presenter Maestro Maull. Image Credit: ABC ME
Cara Anderson
| February 13, 2018

ABC Education TV has launched a new series for Middle – Upper Secondary students to coincide with term 1 titled Fall In Love With Music.

This series aims to teach listening skills to help students understand, enjoy and better connect with all of the music in their lives.  The series comprises eight, 30 minute episodes starting from 9 February 10.35 on ABC ME and will then be available on iView.

Highlights of the series will include a look at:

Our Musical Focus – creating an “aha” around listening versus hearing and the process of noticing detail in music.

Why Aren’t We Listening? This episode provides an opportunity for some focussed guided listening in the first movement of Mendelssohn’s Symphony No. 4 “Italian”.

Is This Music? Consider what the most basic ingredients of music are.

How Listening Affects Us – Why do we feel so emotionally affected by certain moments in a musical the point of getting goose bumps or even to the point of tears?

You can watch the series here.

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