WAM Conducts Gender Issues Survey, As Safer Venues WA Finds Harassment Is Rife

Jasmine Crittenden
| December 5, 2017

West Australian Music (WAM) and APRA AMCOS have joined forces to research gender representation in the Western Australian music industry. Their plan is to produce a comprehensive report titled Fair Play, which will examine gender-based issues across numerous areas, both formal and informal. Among these are programming, government policy and education.

To begin, WAM is conducting a survey, which invites individuals of any gender involved in any aspect of the Western Australian music industry to share their experiences. The survey is open, not only to music professionals, but also to music lovers, fans and audience members. To participate, visit this page.

The announcement of the Fair Play report follows the release of the results of the Safer Venues WA Survey on 25 November. Conducted by Safer Venues WA, a recently-formed advocacy group that aims to increase inclusivity and improve safety in Perth’s venues, the survey garnered 550 responses and focused on experiences of harassment, intimidation, discrimination and assault.

67% of all respondents reported having experienced harassment in a Perth-based venue. This percentage increased to 80% among respondents identifying as female and tallied at 67% among all non-binary and transgender respondents.

Meanwhile, 35.4% of respondents said they had experienced sexual or violent assault at least once. This percentage was similar among all genders. However, when it came to receiving unwarranted sexual comments, the percentage jumped to 89.8% among female-identifying respondents, while 82.8% reported having experienced nonconsensual touching.

The survey also explored the impact of an individual’s responses to such experiences. Roughly a third said they were likely to confront a perpetrator, tell security staff and/or talk to venue crew. 40% said they would be likely to react by leaving the gig, suggesting that harassment and assault have a detrimental impact on audience development, as well as on the livelihood of musicians and venues.

Read the full results of the Safer Venues WA Survey on this page.






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