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Two Important New Initiatives to Aid Mental Health in Music

Chris Bowen
| October 10, 2017

A broad professional coalition has been formed to drive positive change in mental health across the entertainment industry. The newly formed Australian Alliance for Wellness in Entertainment, is a cross-sector, peer-to-peer initiative, committed to developing and actioning a Prevention First Framework for Mental Health in the Australian Entertainment Industry.

Research by Entertainment Assist released in 2016 uncovered serious health and wellbeing concerns for those who work in the Australian entertainment industry.

Free industry forums are being held around the country in November to encourage industry input into development of this Framework. Forum information here.

Music Australia is a founding member of the Alliance, and pleased to back this important initiative.

In another development Support Act, the music industry charity assisting musicians facing hardship, has announced plans for a new helpline for musicians and those working in the music industry who are experiencing mental health problems.   This confidential service, delivered by professionals, will be the first such service in Australia specifically resourced to address the unique challenges faced within the music industry.

Alberts, through their Tony Foundation, has committed start-up funding to launch this much needed service. “Having seen first-hand through our family’s work in the music industry the prevalence and impact of mental health issues, we are excited to be supporting this innovative tailored approach to assist music professionals and drive improved mental wellbeing throughout the industry.”  Said Emily Albert, Executive Officer of the Tony Foundation

Joanna Cave, Support Act’s Chief Executive says “We are thrilled to be able to partner with the widely respected Albert family through the Tony Foundation, and to be able to respond to the needs of the Australian music community in such a meaningful way. We look forward to sharing more details of the new service soon.”

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