Live Performance Industry Boosts Australian Economy to the Tune of $1.43 Billion

Image Credit: Live Performance Australia
Scarlett Di Maio
| October 10, 2017

Australia’s live performance industry continues to boost our economy by generating revenue of $1.43 billion last year, according to Live Performance Australia’s Ticket Attendance and Revenue Survey 2016.

The report is the most comprehensive survey of ticket sales for Australian live performance events and is conducted annually by peak body Live Performance Australia (LPA).

Between 2008 and 2016, live performance industry revenue has increased by 34.8%, despite falling in 2011, 2012 and 2015.

18.78 million tickets were sold to live performance events in 2016, which is a 1.2% increase in revenue and a 0.8% increase in attendances when compared to LPA’s 2015 report findings. Average ticket prices declined by 3% and on average Australians spent $59 per person on live performance events.

As per previous years, the report findings showed Contemporary Music and Musical Theatre to be the two largest contributors to the industry, generating 30.8% and 24.3% of revenue respectively, and a combined attendance rate of 47.7% (8.96m).

Classical Music saw 36.1% revenue growth and an increase of 22.7% in attendance which is the highest revenue for Classical Music recorded since 2008 and highest attendance since 2012. The average ticket price increased by 9.7%.

Festivals have taken a hit with a 25.2% decline in revenue and a 48.2% decline in attendance. These declines are largely due to the cancellation of major national touring festivals like Future Music Festival and Stereosonic in 2016. The average ticket price increased by 6.7% ($85.35).

LPA Chief Executive Evelyn Richardson said the survey results highlighted the critical importance of a more strategic policy approach from the Turnbull Government for the live performance industry.

“These figures underscore the economic and cultural value of the live performance industry for millions of Australians. The need for increased investment in the performing arts has never been greater.

“We have access to a wide array of high-quality local and international performances, which the report shows Australians truly value and enjoy. However, if Australia is going to continue to compete globally, to satisfy both Australian audiences and attract international tourists, we need to ensure we invest more, not less, in creating local product that is world class,” said Ms Richardson.

“Instead, the last few years have seen funding cuts, our small to medium sector massively impacted, and very little indication that Government is prepared to deliver on its vision for innovation and jobs growth in our sector.

“We strongly believe that the Government needs to step up and support greater investment in our industry which creates jobs, employs more than 34 000 people, generates significant economic activity and enriches the cultural lives of millions of Australians,“ Ms Richardson said.

The Ticket Attendance and Revenue Survey 2016 can be accessed as an interactive web-based document by heading here.

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