Auslan – A Sign of Music For All

Credit - Daryl Charles
Clare Kenny
| October 23, 2017

Shine Together’ is the biggest song of 2017. It is currently with over 600,000 students as they prepare for Music: Count Us In Celebration Day 2017 and a brand new resource has just been made available to all teachers and students of the Music: Count Us In program.

‘Shine Together’ has been translated into Auslan by the students and staff of the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC).

The translation was developed by the RIDBC Thomas Pattison School in Sydney. Their annual translation makes Music: Count Us In more accessible and encourages participants to learn and explore Auslan. It helps Music: Count Us In promote the messages that music is for everyone and that every young Australian deserves the right to benefit from an education in music. Music Australia would like to thank the RIDBC for their ongoing support of the Program.

A number of teaching videos have been developed to assist with the learning of this Auslan performance. All videos can be accessed at the Music: Count Us In Youtube channel.

The Auslan translation of ‘Shine Together’ has been released with a special lesson plan, accessible to anyone who registers or is already registered for Music: Count Us In 2017. The lesson plan is available from the ‘For Teachers’ page of the Music: Count Us In website.  All resources for Music: Count Us In are free. You simply need to register and login to access these resources.

Registration for Music: Count Us In is free. Register now.

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