The Latest in Australian Music Education Advocacy – Our Trip to Canberra

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Clare Kenny
| September 11, 2017

Music Australia exists to strengthen Australia’s musical future. As one of the organisation’s three key pillars, music education remains a constant focus for Music Australia. As published in the recent ‘Music Is Good’ fact sheet, music brings numerous and significant benefits to the lives of children – but many children lack the opportunity to experience and benefit from an education is music at school. Music Australia is seeking to reverse this so that Australian students and the larger Australian community can benefit from universal student access to music in our schools. View a summary of our priorities, here.

Music Australia has united music education voices from around the country. Last week, Music Australia’s delegation journeyed to Canberra for a series of key meetings with MPs, Senators and their Political Advisers.

In assembling the delegation, Music Australia sought to gather a diverse and representative collection of experts from music education and music industry organisations. Our delegation included:

  • Michael Smellie (Music Australia Board, Chair)
  • Rhonda Davidson-Irwin (Music Australia Board)
  • Ed St John (Music Australia Board)
  • Antony Hubmayer (Australian Society for Music Education)
  • Ian Harvey (Musical Futures Australia)
  • Gavin Findlay (Australian Music Industry Network and MusicACT)
  • Joel Copeland (Kodaly Music Education Institute of Australia)
  • Michelle Rollins (Australian National Council of Orff Schulwerk Inc)
  • Linda Lorenza (Sydney Symphony Orchestra)
  • Anita Collins (Anita Collins Music, University of Canberra)
  • Sue Arney (Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne)

 The purpose of this trip was to:

  • Raise awareness about the value and importance of music education in schools
  • Advocate for specific measures to be taken by Commonwealth Governments, current and future, to improve the status of music education delivery
  • Brief on Music: Count Us In and discuss opportunities for developing the program in support of improved student access to music education at school

In a series of over 20 face-to-face meetings, the delegation worked to broadly advocate for music education and its benefits, explore specific recommendations for government and address ways in which individual elected politicians can support music education. Explore our detailed proposal, here.

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