Have Your Say Mental Health and Small Business Survey

Image Credit: Mental Health Foundation UK
Cara Anderson
| August 14, 2017

Are you one of the millions of Australians who work in a small business within the music industry? Then Entertainment Assist is calling on you to have your say in a research study into Mental Health and Small Business being conducted by Hunter Institute of Mental Health (HIMH).

The Mental Health and Small Business research study being carried out by researchers from the HIMH, a national organisation dedicated to reducing mental illness and suicide, and improving wellbeing. HIMH is working closely with Entertainment Assist to develop a Prevention First Framework for Mental Health in the Australian Entertainment Industry.

This study aims to gain a perspective on mental health within our workplaces, accessibility of health programs for those who work in a small business, and gather participants thoughts on the types of programs that may be most suitable. The results will be used to guide development of programs for enhancing both mental and physical health specifically tailored to the needs of those who work in small businesses in the arts. The survey is open to anyone over 18 who works in an arts based business with less than 20 employees, have your say!

To take part in the survey click here.

As part of our recent 2017 Roundtable Contemporary Music Conference, we hosted a session on Mental Health in the Music Industry Workplace. Moderated by Leanne de Souza, Executive Director, Association of Artist Managers (AAM), this panel summarised recent developments, present personal perspectives, invite discussion and discuss proposals for a national music and mental health industry plan. Music Australia also recently published a Mental Health and the Australian Music Industry: A Round-Up in the lead up to the Roundtable.

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