Maintaining Professional Passion – A Guide for Music Teachers

Image Credit: NEA Today
Clare Kenny
| June 19, 2017

America’s National Association for Music Education (NAfME) is one of the world’s largest arts education organisations. It advocates at the local, state and national level to support teachers, parents, and students across all aspects of music education.

NAfME member Elisa Jones specialises in helping music educators build, grow and manage thriving school music programs. In one of her recent publications, Jones shared her top tips for helping music educators combat burnout and remain passionate about their chosen vocation.

Jones has heard far too many teachers express the various frustrations that face them in their professional life as music educators. After conducting a survey of 100 teachers, she discovered that their biggest frustrations actually had nothing to do with the classroom and the activities there. Working from the results of this survey, Jones has developed a guide to help teachers have a long and happy career as a music teacher.

Her top tips:

  • Learn diplomacy
  • Master classroom management
  • Stay flexible
  • Maintain your health
  • Remember Your Priorities

“Find joy in the teaching of students, in combination with the subject matter, and let go of any unreal expectations.”

Explore Jones’ full publication and her list of additional reading suggestions, here.

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