Victoria Shows How it is Done – Solid Investment in Contemporary Music

Creative Victoria’s Rockin’ the Laneways Program
Chris Bowen
| January 30, 2017

Victoria’s rich musical heritage is to be celebrated through a series of projects set to enliven public spaces and share musical history with the public. Music tourism grants under the new Rockin’ the Laneways program will see a digital interactive tour of St Kilda’s jazz history from the 1920’s until today, two musical heritage events, and regional activities including a digital map of Ballarat’s rich musical heritage. The life of iconic artist Chrissy Amphlett will also be chronicled with an audio walking tour.

These are further projects in Victoria’s comprehensive $22.2 million Music Works Initiative, which is prioritising contemporary music and treating it seriously, both as an artform, and as a creative economy contributor.

As Creative Victoria’s Kirsty Rivers has observed on our pages, Victoria’s investments demonstrate “a true commitment to contemporary music” – and clearly deserved inclusion on our story on 2016’s best developments in music (apologies for omission).

Investments include, as Ms Rivers points out, “the new Australian Music Vault – an amazing highlight for all those who have worked so hard for a National Music Hall of Fame.” The Victorian Government’s Music Works program has also delivered:

  • $1.2 million commitment to Music Mentoring through The Push and Music Victoria,
  • $400,000 to music venues sound issues through Good Music Neighbours,
  • export support to Sounds Australia,
  • three-year funding to peak body Music Victoria, and
  • millions in direct grants to the artists and industry.

Victoria is definitely showing how it can be done, and positive developments in most other states are encouraging. OK NSW – now it’s your turn – show us what you can do and turn Sydney’s live music scene around!

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