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What Did You Share This Year?

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Maeve Marsden
| December 16, 2016

We were lucky to cover a lot of hot topics in 2016, some of them thrilling developments for our industry, others such as funding cuts, a little less exciting. You came to the intellectual party, sharing our stories and debating the issues with great gusto. Here are a few of our most popular stories from 2016:

By far our most popular story for the year was our coverage of the south coast pub that traded in pokies for live music. Tathra, the town in question, is home to just 2,000 people, but our article about The Tathra Hotel was shared more than 16,000 times, showing the broader community’s passion for venues that promote and celebrate live music over gambling!

In music education, you got on board with cabaret and opera singer, Ali McGregor’s call for more music in schools and Clare Kenny’s piece on music literacy and notation  inspired debate. Graham Strahle’s coverage of the push to include arts in core curricula around the world, STEAM is the way Forward, not STEM, also gained traction; indeed, it’s worth working your way through Graham’s extensive coverage of education and classical music throughout the year.

Education also featured in our election coverage, with our call to make music education a priority on the political agenda. Other popular political coverage included Strahle questioning whether it was the time for musicians to become more political and our CEO Chris Bowen’s coverage of the Government’s Inquiry into intellectual property.

In our coverage of community music, many were excited to spread the word about the Pacific Pride LGBTQI choir and the anti-pokies sentiment continued with our coverage of Tim Freedman and Joyride helping to launch the Proudly Pokies Free campaign. In music therapy, our readers showed great enthusiasm for the expansion of a ‘Music and Memory’ program in NSW and for Jasmine Crittenden’s coverage of music therapy in American hospitals.

Finally, it’s worth revisiting our coverage of gender inequality in the music industry with the articles listed below. Here’s hoping we see important shifts in the industry in 2017!

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