New Aussie Singles Chart Counts All Platforms

James Arthur. Image source: Music Tour
Jasmine Crittenden
| November 8, 2016

A new singles chart has entered the Australian music scene, thanks to The Music Network, an online publication dedicated to the music industry. Known as the Australian Singles Report, the chart is the first to take into account all platforms, including radio play, video play, downloads and streaming.

Published weekly, the report’s main feature is a top 20 list, called the TMN Artist Top 20. “[It] is designed to reflect the multi-dimensional listening habits of Australians and provide a snapshot of which are truly the most successful artists and fast movers each week,” according to The Music Network’s press release.

The first chart, published on 31 October, was topped by James Arthur’s ‘Say You Won’t Let Me Go’. In second place was The Chainsmokers’ ‘Closer’ and The Weekend’s ‘Starboy’.

In addition to the TMN Artist Top 20, the Australian Singles Report provides another 40 or so charts, representing a variety of platforms, accompanied by analysis and predictions. For example, there are Top 100s based on radio play alone, Top 5s determined by play on specific stations and a round-up of the most popular Australian and international digital charts.

“Charts data is useful for identifying trends and making decisions on when and where to release or play a single, book a tour, or focus marketing,” said Mark Dalgliesh, publisher at The Music Network. “The problem is that there is so much data now available that music professionals are struggling to stay on top of all these charts. We’ll be cutting through the noise and providing some succinct analysis and a snapshot of all the major Top 10 charts in one place.”

Last month, ARIA announced the addition of Bandcamp sales to its charts calculations.

The Australian Singles Report is available as a free download at The Australian Singles Report website.


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