Music Teachers In SA Protest Against Changes To Music Services

IMS teachers protest outside Department for Education and Child Development head office
Graham Strahle
| November 21, 2016

Music teachers in South Australia are clearly not happy changes currently being implemented by that state’s Department for Education and Child Development. On November 7, teachers employed by the department’s Instrumental Music Service (IMS) went on strike protesting against a major overhaul of instrumental music tuition across the state’s public schools.

Their concern is that 20 new ‘focus schools’, that are intended to serve as hubs for music tuition delivery state-wide, will make teaching unworkable and resources spread too thinly. IMS teachers are unsure which schools they will be assigned to, the classes they will be required to teach, or whether schools will be able to provide access instruments that will be needed. See our earlier story on this here.

Friends of IMS wrote on their Facebook page two days ahead of the protest: “DECD Instrumental Music Service is being broken up as a team and the music focus schools are being funded from IMS teacher salaries. This impacts on the number of students and programs that the IMS teachers can support.”

The State’s education union apparently supports their concerns. Howard Spreadbury, president of Australian Education Union’s SA branch, told reporters that the changes being planned for IMS will dilute its services and prevent music teachers from being able to work collaboratively.

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